Monday, January 9, 2012

Sick of being sick!

I have not yet started blogging about the actual topics I would like to discuss, I guess I am just feeling my way around blogging again. I am just not so much into whats going on in the world other than my own since I have been on Maternity Leave I guess. I have slipped into total mommy mode. Things are so bad that all I catch myself thinking is what the next child needs and what needs to be done for the other. I actually just packed the kids school bags, the babies bag for his vaccination and then have to express after I write this. Mommy life is hectic I tell you, and one would think that with almost four months with three kids, I would have figured things out by now. Sadly there is still so much I have to figure out, and sometimes it is more than tiring.

One of those tiring times is when everyone in the house gets sick all at the same time for example. Everyone in my house has had the flu for the past week.  Mommy has to all of a sudden be the cleaner, cook, doctor and the night nurse. Adding to the pain of this past week, I happen to have the flu again!! Why again you ask, well I am fed up of getting it. I use to be one of those people who only get the flu every two years, and it was just for those few days and I could carry on for the next two years untouched. Well all that changed this past November.

I have only been admitted to a hospital twice in my whole life. The first, when I a was born and the second, when I delivered L via C section. But never did I think I would be admitted a third time for a random virus that every child gets. Well I was sent to hospital and kept there for 5 whole days. Even with a major surgery like my C section I only stayed four days, so this really threw me for loop.

I have had Mumps before, yes, just like every other adult I know.... but try having mumps so many times that it even baffles the doctors. After blood tests were taken, I had developed the antibodies to fight off the infection, but for some reason they were just not doing their job every time I got sick. But it had been years since any Mumps infection had touched me so I assumed that that part of my life was all over. Boy was I wrong.

Early in October, L came home with swollen glands and I immediately knew what it was. We went to see his pediatrician who then said to wait it out a week with pain meds. Since I happened to be at home with J, this was perfect timing. L healed up well and was back to school the following week. Three weeks later, A came home with the same swelling in the glands, but was a lot more oblivious of the pain than L. The following morning as I packed for her trip to the Paediatrician, I noticed that my glands were also slightly swollen and sore. Being used to regular swollen glands that came and went, I was sure it would be gone in two days or so. Well, we were sent home with the same news for A that we got for L a few weeks before. The following morning I got up to look after A and J and noticed the swelling in my face seemed to be getting worse instead of better and the pain was increasing. I then went to my GP who then gave me meds, took bloods and sent me on my merry way. That should have helped right...

The weekend went by and Sunday morning I looked like I gained a ton by just looking at my face. The swelling was out of control and nothing including the shot I got that day seemed to do anything for me. I was a freak show to the people who saw me. I literally looked like I had fat stuffed into my cheeks and jaw and my entire chin and neck had become one. It was horribly painful. To make along story short, I ended up being admitted into hospital the following Monday, put on two courses of Antibiotics and eventually started looking decent again.

Even though the meds in hospital helped to fight the Mumps virus, which I am grateful for, it seriously weakened my immune system at the same time. I have up till now had the flu a number of five times, sinus infections, tonsillitis, throat infections and been coughing for weeks at a time. My body has just been taking beating after beating and I have frankly had enough of feeling sick at this point. L has had a temp since Sunday this week and the Paediatrician we went to see today seems to think that I am the common agent in the kids runny noses and coughs since I am sick constantly, but I still have to care for the kids for most of my days.

So today I took action... I got all the herbal meds I could find to help my immune system return to normal and to fight the flu, that I can of course take while breast feeding since that is my number one priority at the moment.

Now I hope you holding thumbs with me that I can shake this being sick nonsense and bring you more intellectual and intriguing pieces to read.


Luchae Gie said...

So glad I stumbled across your blog? It made me laugh ALOT!! :)

Luchae Gie said...

Im so glad I stumbled upon this blog :) It made me laugh... like... ALOT!!