Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Trevor Noah Show...

My husband has a lot of hook ups in the media world so we got the opportunity to go and see the recording of Tonight with Trevor Noah last Monday which was Woman's day.

Let me start by saying that I knew relatively nothing about him until I watched his DVD Daywalker. My sister did point him out as an MC on an awards show that we watched last year, I remember saying that he was cute, but that was it.

Well my family has completely become obsessed with this 26 year old that they do not know from a bar of soap. His stand up is what had us in the palm of his hand. Daywalker 2.0 was even better for me.
Now he seems to be taking over the world. Signing a deal with Cell Phone Company Cell C which has really put him on every billboard in every little town around the country. He did not even stop there. There are TV and radio advertisements, interviews and he is all over Twitter and Facebook. I am starting to feel like he lives in my house. He even had a radio interview this morning while we were casually listening on the way to work.

Well my 19 year old sister in law, J, is totally in love with him, so much so that she blushes when he comes on the TV screen. We decided to surprise her and did not say a word until we got the the studio. She did not even guess that something was up when I showed her his car. Then when he finally walked into the studio it hit her like a tone of bricks. She actually started to ball her eyes out. I have never seen her cry like that. She is most definitely his biggest fan!! It was so funny to watch her just oogle over him like a new born baby.

Well we saw the show, Hellen Zille and all and really had a good laugh. I decided to go and meet him and when I looked for J, she had disappeared behind my hubby. She was so nervous to meet him. We eventually took some pics and left for home.
J is still in shock and asks for my phone all of the time just to look at the pic...

Bless her soul, I used to be this crazy about the Spice Girls back when...

Anyhoo, Just want to say thanks to Trevor for making it possible for fans who don't have recourse's like Facebook and Twitter to meet him in person. J will be forever grateful for that day and I was just glad to give her something she would never have dreamt of.

Watch the Trevor Noah Show on Wednesday's on Mnet at 19:30 South African Time.

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