MJay. Who?

So, I tried out the formal and conservative profile, and the fit was far too small for my personality so here is the truth:

I am, Born again, a Photographer, a Doula in Training, Married, A mother of Four, the Co-Owner of a Start up business and and Employee.

Gosh, that was a long sentence!

I Blog, about, well anything, and everything thats on my mind that day.

My incredibly long blogging list starts anywhere from Parenting four crazy, different and wonderful monsters, Adult ADD.... which I am sure you can tell I have by now, and other random little things that sort of just seem to happen around me.

I Love, the sound of my own voice, or rather the typing of my fingers on the keyboard. 

I am controversial, loud, proud and overwhelming sometimes (according the hubster), a HUGE VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) Advocate and I am a true South African Coloured!

This little site here is just a fragment of the crazy going on in my head at any given time.... Enjoy


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