Aiden's Birth Story ( Surprise UHBAC )

My Pregnancy with Aiden was a difficult one. It was an emotional roller coaster from the start right up until about 2 weeks before I gave birth. I also ended up in the hospital twice for bleeding which added to the already high levels of stress we were had.

Everything eventually came together nicely, just before I was to deliver Aiden. I had planned to have another water birth as with Jesse. We met with my midwaife a few times and everything was in order. Aiden, however, had other plans.

On the 16 of April 2015 I was at home, puting around with my MASSIVE belly. Extremely bored from being home almost a month by this time. My plan was to only take off work a few days before I was due, but my colleagues were sure that I was ready to 'POP' at any moment and advised that I stay home a lot earlier than I intended. So I did. Boy, was I bored. I looked like a whale, literally, so there was not much I could do other than watch reruns of everything available and drink raspberry leaf tea until it pored out of my ears.

I  previously had a discussion with my Midwife about wanting to birth at home again this time as I did with my first VBAC. The birth center was amazing when I delivered Jesse, but Home just felt right. This, however, was not possible as my Midwife only delivered at the Birthing Center and Hubby was really not interested in having another dramatic filled home birth. So I quietly went along and just dreamed what another home birth would be like as it made me feel peaceful.

That evening, I just could not take being pregnant anymore. I was tired, huge and really wanted to meet my baby. So I drank a tablespoon of Castor oil. Gross, and probably not a good idea at the time but it did not matter anyway because it did nothing at all... 

A few hours went by, and I finally went to bed. I must have been asleep for about two hours and I was woken up by a contraction. I laid in the bed and a few minutes later, I felt another. After about 3 more I had to get out of the bed. I woke hubby to tell him that this was it. He listened, and then rolled back over to catch some more sleep. I knew that I was not going to be able to sleep so I started walking up and down in my bedroom. The contractions were mild and slowly getting stronger. They lasted about 20 seconds and were a few minutes apart. I knew things were moving along,slowly so I was not concerned about rushing anywhere yet.

Water helped a lot with Jesse's labor so I decided to get into the shower to relax a little and to have the warm water sooth my back. Unfortunatelly, it did a lot more than just sooth me. I stood in the shower for about 15 min and the contraxtions were getting stronger, longer and closer together fast. In the middle of getting out, I had a REAL contraction and told hubby that it was time to get ready to leave.

Now right here, if you have read my other two birth stories, is where my husband never fails to surprise me. I asked him two days before I went into labor, to pack a back for the birth center stay and his reply was 'Yes, I will do it later'. Well, later never came and he decided first to roll around in the bed because my contractions were not as bad as I was making them out to be, according to him'  and when he realized that I really was not playing, he ran around the house trying to get a bag together for himself.

While he ran around flustered, I tried walking to the front door so that he would meet me outside when he was done. Two contractions, and then I groaned with the third in the Entrance hall. My helper had just walked in and watched what was happening. When she heard me groan she tried to tell me not to scream, which me realize then that this was not a scream, it was a deep groan, the pushing kind of deep groan. I still attempted to get outside the house, and before even getting to the driveway, I leaned against the house wall with another real pushing contraction. Hubby ran out of the door past me to the car and I screamed 'I'm Pushing!' 

A few seconds later, hubby comes back from the car and screams 'Stop Pushing!'. He runs back to the car, jumps in and backs up out of the from gate. I waddle there in a hurry before the next contraction, hubby comes around to try and push me into our SUV!

Here I am, trying not to push and him trying to lift my leg and lift me into the car. 

Eventually I said that it was too late, I was having the baby right then and there. After another attempt at getting me into the car, hubby realized that I was not budging, especially since I had ripped my pants off, in the street no less. He got on the phone with my midwife who could here me groan in the background and she knew what that meant. Her reply to him was 'well, she wanted to give birth at home anyway'.

I squatted and I Pushed, harder than I had ever pushed in my life, harder than with any of my other births, I pushed so hard that Aiden was delivered in three pushed, into hubbies hands.

Here we stood, in the 3am cold of Autumn, next the open door of the car, my pants on the ground and all my neighbor's standing in the road in full view of EVERYTHING! 

I Didn't Care, Aiden was finally here!

Hubby called for our helper to bring towels, passed Aiden back to me as we waddled with the umbilical cord still hanging out of me, back into the house. I wadled straight to the bathroom, sat on the side of the bath and just watched Aiden. He was a little blue, I suspect from the cold, but we just sat with him until the cord stopped pulsating. Hubby then tied and cut the cord and I waited a few minutes for the placenta to deliver. Once I delivered it, I inspected it for any tears and got straight into the bath.

One of the neighbor's had called the Ambulance when they heard me scream and they showed up just as I got in the bath as they did the last time I delivered at home. I asked them just to check my blood pressure and they left.

After the bath, We laid naked in the bed, my Aiden and I, all morning until about 8am. He was so soft, with that new baby smell which I embraced. We just laid and enjoyed each other, met each other and connected like only a mother and child can. It was amazing.

Adiens birth was quite dramatic, but it was so beautiful at the same time. Even though I ended up with a 3rd degree tear from pushing so hard, it was an experience I am grateful to have had.

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