Jesse's Birth Story (Birth Center VBAC)

My Pregnancy with Jesse was not expected at all. I had been making sure that  I monitored my body enough not to fall pregnant and I was still Breast feeding Asepn. My body however had other plans. I Ovulated a few days earlier than expected and just knew that I had fallen pregnant. Hubby did not take too well to the news, but it had already happened so we were just going to have to live our lives with three instead of two children.

The pregnancy with Jesse was perfect. We had no trouble whatsoever, and what was fantastic this time was that I had a job with Medical Aid. This opened up an  array of options for us with regards to Jesse's birth. We chose to Birth with a Midwife and Genesis clinic. I met my midwife for routine checks and twice with my Gynae for scans. Everything was as it should be.

The 16th of September was my last day at work since I was due to give birth on the 26th. I was not keen on sitting around for a long time waiting to give birth which turned out to be just perfect. For a few days I just sat around, but on the Tuesday evening I made supper and as I was getting ready to clean up, I felt mild contractions start. Hubby wanted to do some random jobs in the house before Jesse's birth and decided on that day to start painting doors. I told him that I thought that I may be in labor, but since I had labored so long with Aspen the previous year, he assumed that it would be a long while before Jesse arrived. I called my Midwife and told her that I was in labor and she said she would see me in the morning.

I stayed on my feet, washing the dishes and tidying up. A little while later I decided to take a nap as I had no Idea how long the labor would be and I wanted to be rested for a long ride. Laying down however did not help at all. The contractions got stronger with each wave. Within 15 minutes of laying in the bed, I got up and said to hubby that it was probably time that we get ready because my labor was moving on a lot faster than I had anticipated. He, however paid me no mind and continued painting the doors. I walked up and down around the house, hoping to push the labor along but since hubby was not taking me seriously, I ended up sitting outside crying to my sister on the phone because I felt like it was time to leave.

Hubby eventually decided to get ready to leave but since he was covered in paint, we needed to stop over at my mothers place for him to take a quick shower. I called my Midwife as we left our house to tell her that we were on our way because things were moving along so quickly. I sat on my mothers couch, while hubby showered,  talking and laughing between contractions at around 11:30pm. Once hubby got out of the shower, we could at last travel the 30min trip it would take to get to Genesis.

My sister was with me in the back of the car and we made jokes in between contractions while I held on to the handle above the door. Contractions seem to get even stronger on the road and I think hubby skipped every red light he saw.

When we eventually arrived at Genesis, I had a major contraction before we walked in the door, and I knew that Jesse was going to be here very soon. We were greeted by my Midwife and a sweet nurse as we walked into my room. I was so certain that I wanted a water birth and asked my Midwife over and over about getting in the water. She asked me to lay down to check me and we were all surprised that I had already Dilated to 8cm. After an agonizing wait, the bath was ready and I got in. The water was AMAZING. It soothed me so much an although we were laughing and joking in between my contractions, the water helped me center myself for Jesse's imminent arrival.

within a few minutes, my body started to push. The feeling was so intense and because the room was so calm, I could really just focus on everything that was happening. My Midwife guided me on pushing in  order not to tear, while I was literally choking my sister and the poor nurses fingers. My body flouted in the water as I pushed and slowly I could feel Jesse's head emerge. He turned slowly and slid out of me without a fuss immediately afterward.

My midwife immediately lifted him to my chest, and I was so relieved to have Jesse in my arms. He was so warm and calm, and his smell took over me.

- Jesse was placed skin to skin with his Dad right after I delivered as we waited for the placenta to expel.

- We only stayed at Genesis for 1 and a half days after delivery

- Genesis is so beautiful and my experience there was amazing

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