Friday, June 25, 2010

I am probably not posting as often as I should, Just trying to get my life in order these days.

This week has been a slow one, firstly because I am still awaiting my salary which I was supposed to get on Sunday and secondly because nothing exiting seems to be happening lately. Don't get me wrong, I did the Great expectations show Yesterday and it was great, what spoilt it was the fact that the show will not be broadcast any time soon. They said it should play for the latest by NEXT JANUARY!!! This really sucks!! I was so exited to share my story and told everybody about it, now I feel like a bum since I am not sure when they will air it.

This week is my dear Tooth Fairies Dedication!!! I cant wait for it. I was glad I had her from conception and she became even more special when I was able to give birth to her at home - into my sisters arms - after the c section with her brother - after fighting off so much negativity. I am just so proud to be her mommy. She has been an amazing baby and I know that the Lord has many great things in store for her, as with my son too. In our family, it is a tradition to get a sailor suite or dress for dedications, but I am really struggling to find a dress for her. Two day before the day, and I am still searching. I will be off in a while go and find one for my TF. We are really family orientated people and one of the reasons why I am soo exited is because we get to spend time with all the family again. My family are loud and crazy but man do we have a lot of fun together.

I have to be off but her are some pics of my birth and my nephew in his sailor suite dedications...

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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