Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whats going on.

I just went over to look at the World news, which I used to do before the WC started and realised that there is so much going on in the World that is over shadowed by the soccer. Kyrgyzstan is in trouble and there are floods in France. I had no idea how out of touch I was with the world in the past week. Our local news only talks about soccer and it has even taken over the CNN website. Don't get me wrong, the focus on our country is very good and opens a hell of a lot of doors for us, but in all honesty, the World Cup has not touched my life in any way. Yes my Guy and Son have gone to a match, but I still come to work everyday and I still go on as normal with my life. My finances have not even been touched for a second. If things are like this for me, and I am a middle class person, what about those who live in squatter camps, who do not own T.V.'s and who's only feel of the World Cup is what they here from people around them. Just a thought... I wish the WC was taken to those people too, and companies cared about taking the less fortunate people to see games when they would otherwise never be able to afford it. It could give them hope for their future's and a way for them to feel in touch with the greatest moment our country has experienced.
I guess that is just me.

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