Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm back for good!!!

It has been a total of 21 days since I have posted and now I am swamped at work but have decided to make a bit of time to post everyday.

Well my weigh in Mondays have taken a dip since we have been so busy with our lives and work that even thinking of eating " healthy" has not really been an option lately. So I just have to settle in with my junk loving fat self for the mean time...lol.

Anyway, the last couple of weeks have not been too exiting and all and all, as they say in Durbs. We have been trying to settle the claim with our scrapped car and are now driving in luxury, note, this luxury going back to the insurance at the end of August.

I have finally found a helper at home... and it is total heaven, even if she only comes two days a week. I am unfortunately a creature of habit so I have to remind myself constantly that I pay someone to clean now and that it is one thing I can cross off of my list every day when I get home.

I have found the perfect school for L to go to. Not that there is really anything wrong with his current Preschool, I just cannot stand it that the highlight of his day is the fight he had with one of the kids at the school. He came home with a bruise on his face the other day and that was the final straw. Now 'raising' the money for this ridiculously expensive Montessori school becomes my next task.

I have really started to immerse myself in learning about Photography in the past few weeks. Mind you I do not have the luxury of having a DSLR or a PC at home yet, but it is a working progress. I soooo badly wish I had the money for it since I feel like I am running out of time to capture my kids as they are right now. We are working on getting their, but since I promised hubby a Apple Notebook, that dream will have to be put on hold for a while.

That brings me the the exiting fact that my daughter A was invited to got to a photo shoot on Thursday to take pics for Great Expectations DVD!! I am sooo exited for her. She is becoming a little star that one...lol. Lets just hope that the fame does not got to her head lmao!

I wonder, is there anything I missed. I hope not, accept that I am a total facebook, twitter and BB Messenger freak these days. I looove My BlackBerry sooo much, I don't think I will need a new Phone for quite some time since it gives me all the highs I need these days...lol.


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