Friday, October 15, 2010

I have a passion.

Ever since I was a young child, I have always considered what I wanted my future to look like. I started singing at the age of three and always thought I was going to be a famous singer. I mean I was going to marry Michael Jackson after all. As I got older I realized that being a singer was not all it seemed to be and then I had my sights set on becoming a Police Officer. I just loved playing with my toy guns, and making my little car's drive after the robbers in a high speed chase. The life just seemed so exiting and I was mesmerised at the adventure it could be.

But life took a turn and I found passion in other areas. I still love to sing and miss it tremendously, but going to choir practice with a 4 year old and a 8 month old all by my myself just did not seem like any fun. With the experiences I have had, there were a few things that I was really good at ( still am ) and that gave me a new sense of purpose in life.

I LOOOOOVE to talk. I talk so much that hubby has learned to shut off and just nod. I talk the most when I am tired, because for some reason the words flow easier and I seem to remember everything I wanted to tell through out the day. Hubby cant stand this about me but as I said, nods when he needs to.
I also found that I love people and helping them with advice or anything they needed when they needed it. For some reason, my advice never worked in my life, but it helped others and that meant a lot to me. This got me thinking one day. What could I do with the rest of my life that incorporates both of these without having anyone to tell me to just *shut up*? I know....Psychology :)

OK, I don't want to be your average shrink who only asks questions. I want to really help people with emotional issues and feel good that someone is doing better because I helped. But the passion does not just lie in any person with a problem, but particularly in young adults. At the age where every wrong choice is justifiable and as doctor Phil would say " those who have not developed enough to understand the consequences of their actions". I feel for our teens these days, they get blamed for everything and anything but nobody ever really looks at their situations. Many of them lack the information to get themselves into better situations and particularly where I live, you are cool if you know how to light a joint.

I just wish our parents were interested in searching for information on how to better raise their kids. I get so frustrated with parents who use the excuse " I am doing the best with what I know ". My simple response is "NO YOU ARE NOT". We live in an age where information is at the fingertips. It is so easy to search for games or facebook or porn on your phone, so why could you not look for tips on helping the kids succeed. There a libraries everywhere that offer the information parents need, and if that does not work, the Bible also offers parenting advice.

So before I get too emotional, lol, I want to really start some workshops for young adults to guide them in the right directions. Workshops not only for the kids, but for parents to come and learn as well. I want every parent to have available resources in their homes, have relationships with their kids and learn how to encourage them to be good citizens. Is that not what a good parent does?

I cant wait to finally have my Psychology Masters Degree ( if my kids allow me ) and get stuck into developing these programmes. That little running man inside me jumps every time I think about every family brought together and hopefully my dream is not very far off :)

I still have a few years to go before I stand on that stage, so for now I will enjoy my other passions - being a mom - a wife - a South African and recently Photography.

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