Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do you Dare to Love

I must admit that the first time I decided to take on the Love Dare, I was so full of energy and inspired to make a change in my marriage for the better. What I did not realize is that I was doing it all for the wrong reasons. For those of you who follow the blog, you would have noticed that I updated the dares to a point and then just stopped. Well I was just avoiding it because I was so angry that it was doing nothing to CHANGE my husband, when in actual fact, it was supposed to be changing me. My focus was in the wrong place and only after My first Love Dare book was stolen (yeah, I know) did I realize that I was so wrong.

Well, I bought the book again a few weeks ago. Armed myself with both the Love Dare Website and a friend who is doing it with me at the same time, and things have been a whole lot better.

When you start to read the book, you are forewarned that this will not be easy, and I did not take that likely until I reached a place in the book that I have yet to move forward from. All the days up until Day 11 " Love Cherishes", were pretty easy. But then I got hit with a brick, and I am stuck under it. Days 12 and 13 are the hardest dares I have hit yet.

Day 12: Love lets the other win
Day 13: Love fights fair

I have never thought of conflict in a loving way, and what makes these two days even harder for me is that I am used to getting my own way, most of the time. I have even found a way with words, in order the convince others that my way would suit everyone best. Not a very becoming trait, I know, but its how I taught myself to be. You will not believe that I have been wrestling with these two dares for 5 days now, and have yet to move past them. I am however preparing myself to go through the first few very important dares to help push me into deciding that my way is not always best. I mean I got passed being patient so far, so letting someone else win a fight should be a breeze, right?

Well, as far as response to doing the dares, it has been very good. Maybe things are not changing the way I would have preferred, but I am okay with that, because at the end of the day, its not all about what I want.

Join me in doing the Love Dare and tell me how it is working for you.

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