Friday, December 3, 2010


Lately I have not had time to do much, but I have had the opportunity to stop and read a few articles and chat to a few people on Facebook this morning, and how relaxing it was. I came across one on my Facebook friends and was looking at his pictures ( not a stalker I promise ), and noted how talented and fortunate he was to be living his dream. He frequently comments on how God has blessed him with the Opportunity to do what he loves every day and I am so inspired by all he does. On his 25th birthday this year, he had people bring things for Charity, which is such a fantastic thing.

So because he Inspires me, I thought I would do a Shout out post to the three of South Africa's Young Adults who do what they do because they love it.

First up, Jstar (Joshua) Zacheus, who grew up in about 15 min from me. I knew him as a kid and our parents grew up together in the old Kliptown. He comes from a incredibly talented family. He is the 7th Child from his family and every single one of his bothers and sisters have a gift for music. He has been travelling with artists like Lira and Danny K, doing his thing. The one thing that is really inspirational about "Drummer Boy" is that he still knows where he is from. He has touched fame, but stayes humble and true to who and what he knows. With all he does, I have no idea where he finds the time to still do hip hop with his crew B-Supreme. Slowly but surely, his following on Facebook grows, but he does not allow it to deter him. He truly has a drumming talent one rarely sees.

To check out more about Jstar go here, video here and Facebook Page here.
Next up, I don't know her personally, but have been following her since the day I first saw her on South African Pop Stars, and now on Twitter. Lois Du Plessis no longer resides in South Africa, but still stays true to her roots. She became a member of the group Afro - Z on South African Pop Idols a couple of years ago, and I still remember the one video they made, " just throw your hands, up in the air ", I used to love that song. Unfortunately, things did not last long for the group, but that did not hold Lois back.

She got snapped up by one of the gospel artists that I most admire, whom I listen to every single day, and now is a family member of Israel Houghton and New Breed in Houston Texas. The one thing that stands out about her is that she Loves the Lord, and she can only do better.

To check out more of Lois you can check her out on Twitter/Facebook and here is a quick video of what she does with New Breed.

Last but most definitely not least, is a very young man that I would have not have even known about if I had not been updating my hubbies Facebook profile ( Okay I now I'm an addict ). Hubby is friends with him on Facebook, and I really only checked him out when I saw that he was friends with Jstar. I then got thrown by a ton of bricks. This now 20 year old South African, who now lives in the US, also a drummer, but unique in his very own way. Ramon Sampson won the Drum Off Competition in 2009 and has just been booming since then. The skill he has is unmatched and one I have never seen before. I am so inspired by his drive to excel and the love he has for what he does. The thing I found funny is that every other drummer he stands by is much bigger than him, but he carries a huge talent. So the saying is true, big things do come in small packages.

To see a video of Ramon's skill go here, read more on his Drum Off win here and his My Space here.

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I'm so honored to be a part your mentions. i Pray that God will continue to bless all you do! I pray that you'll never stop dreaming.... anything is possible with God!!!