Friday, January 28, 2011

I know I know... a dissapearing act...

Its been forever since I blogged, and honestly, feels like forever since I wanted to blog. Its strange that when life throws you a huge mother of a curve ball, things like social networking and blogging are just not fun anymore...but life seems to be slowly falling into place and God seems to be taking me seriously when I say this is a new year for new beginnings. I must admit, I missed sharing my thoughts here...not sure if anybody missed me

Well to catch you up, let me first say, Belated Merry Christmas and New year to all... I Hope this year is as great as mine is already starting to look. We took a looooong trip in December to George, Knysna, Mossel Bay and Cape Town. What a lovely trip it was. I already miss it, but the drive was horrible. Note to self, save enough money to fly next time. I'll blog pictures tomorrow so that everyone can see the beauty South Africa holds from a true South African.

Photography has really gotten under my skin these past few weeks, every time I pick my Camera up, I seem to love it more each day. I really wish I had found it sooner, but no better time then now I guess.

I finally really made some changes to my diet... sticking to it this time... and man has it made a difference. I have already lost about 5 Kilogrammes since the beginning of the year and I feel great. Brown rice, whole wheat pasta and grilled food are all I want these days, no fat or fast food at all!

I have done some real soul searching in the past few weeks and have really committed myself to getting to pray and reading my Bible everyday. My goal this year is to really seek the heart of God and get off my own power trip. So far, so good... :)

So to show of some of what I learnt...although I know there are a million adjustments I need to make to this... here are two pics I took of my baby for her birthday on Saturday.Will you believe I used Wall paper over my floor tiles and Natural light coming in from the door on the left hand side. Got these great actions I used to Edit from the Coffee Shop Blog and I am just luuuving it.. let me know what you think?


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