Thursday, November 12, 2015

Update on my week

The past few days have gotten so hectic that I have not had the opportunity to sit and just put my thoughts down. So I am going to use this space ans my "diary" for today.

Last week Friday we took the day off work, took the kids out of School (arranged with their teachers of course) and decided to surprise them with the long awaited trip to Gold Reef City Theme Park, sans Aiden who went to school. They had the best fun. We had the best fun. The awesome part about going on a Friday was that we could go on all the rides on offer more than once if we wanted to. My kids, other than Jesse, are dare devils and took advantage of everything they possibly could. Jesse, on the other hand, was miserable. There was too much noise, the rides were to scary and going into dark tunnels had him closing his eyes most of the time anyway. There are issues we clearly have to look at with him, and hopefully I will be able to share more once I know.

On Saturday, Our Aspen got an award for finishing a complete year at Gym Kids. I am so proud of my princess. Next year we will hopefully be able to have her in the gymnastics club in our area.

Sunday, we went shopping. I am not huge on shopping but for furniture and home wares after years of waiting, I think I went a little nuts. We finally have the opportunity to decorate our home. So many people have come to my house and are shocked that my walls are so bare. I take so many pictures of the children, but hardly display any of my shots. Someone once said that I cant be a photographer because non of my work is on the walls. Finally, after two years and four months in this bare lifeless house, we are at a place where I can GO CRAZY. I cant wait to show off what we did once its done at the end of the week.... It feels like Christmas!

Other than decorating, life has just plainly been hectic. We are literally chasing our tails at this point. Its November, so I guess its to be expected. I however am just tired.

So instead of focusing on the blistering heat and the drought we are simultaneously experiencing here in Johannesburg at the moment,, I will just show off some of the fun we had at Gold Reef City.

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