Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Stylish side of life

In the 8 years that Hubby and I have been married, we have gone from back room flats, to owning to almost homeless to where we are right now. Life has not been easy for us and as he always reminds me, we have had to fight tooth and nail to have some of the luxuries that w have been afforded. God has really and truly be good to us.

I however struggle with weigh the 'Joneses', firstly because it took so long to get a little of what we have but also because I so wish that everyone could have some nice things too.

Don't get me wrong, we are not well off, hardly even middle class in my opinion. But we are blessed enough to have a pool, something after two years I have to still pinch myself over having, and in recent months, after being totally penniless in January this year, we have been able to finally redecorate our living room. Its taken two years for us to have the opportunity to do this and I am bubbling with excitement because of it all the time.

So without further ado, here is what we finally were able to do. Its not completely finished but its finally my home :)

The wall here is Missing Three Family Canvases which are still to go up

The cable Under the TV will be covered and a few decor elements are still to come

This is a before shot of our bland living room

I added these words with a plan in mind that only came to pass two years after the fact.

I am lucky enough to have had my hubby so supportive and excited for this major task. We added spot lights which gave the room such an amazing atmosphere, that I am going to put them in my room as soon as the money and opportunity arises.

Wording on the wall: Lifestyle Centre Sandburg
Furniture and wall panel: Custom made (privately)
Decor Pieces: Mr Price Home, @home and Bordmans

The wall colour used to be cream and bland with now individuality, now its a matt grey which is washable but changes the look of the room depending on the amount of light enters either from the spot lights or the glass door on the left. The squares on the panel also shade differently depending not he light introduced to the room.

The couches we have had since we got married which cost us a meer R2500 for 8 seats which we have recovered once before. They will be getting a makeover soon again but I will never buy new expensive couches because redesigning them is much cheaper.

The Furniture and wall panel was made by a carpenter in our area, which cost a fraction of the price than it would have had we bought it at a store, and event better is that they are unique pieces that nobody will have and imitation of.

The next project will be our back yard, pool, and garage make over which I am dying to start as soon as we can. but for now, I will soak up my amazing living room, its like living in a hotel I must admit.


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