Tuesday, January 12, 2016

#MySouthAfrica #MyAfrica

Our family had the privilege to enjoy one of South Africa's Most beautiful places last week, Mpumalanga. Its filled with lush bush, wildlife and amazing scenery. Every time I visit the provence, I am in total awe of Gods amazing work. There is so much to do, see and experience that we plan to head back their soon.

The Kruger National Park is a Huge part of the visit to Mpumalanga and the are many different and rare animals to search for. The Park is as large as a province and can only be fully covered over a couple of days. We took an entire day to spend in the park and our main aim was to track down the infamous Lions that rule over the land.

Our initial excitement was however shaded by the enormity of the drought that has its gripes on the Park. For a few weeks now we have been aware of the water and rain scarcity in South Africa, but never did I ever imagine the extent of our water shortage until this day. Whole rivers had completely dried up and the animals looked exhausted and lethargic. It was so sad to witness how they were suffering. The temperature at the top of the day was a staggering 44 degrees celsius, which would explain why the animals were struggling to cope.

I am however glad that my hubby persuaded us to take the trip as it would not have been my first choice to be honest. The kids really enjoyed the day and were excited to see the animals they have only ever witnessed on TV.

Our Country is so stunning that I sometimes cannot understand why some people pick up and leave. This trip has made me truly appreciate what South Africa is made of the even more so he beauty and agility of nature.

I managed to get some great images of the animals that I could not wait to share with you :)


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