Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sticking IT to Murphy

I love the word "Misadventure". It makes the bad days seem so manageable. I would love to use that word for the last couple of days in my life, but who ma I kidding. Murphy took out a butter knife to show me he was more coloured than I and I have now just had
to start reflecting and patching the wounds he left behind.

Tuesday was a very well planned day. I was to go in to the office with my Sister in law, take her for her Visa appointment as she will be jetting off to the US in a few weeks. Go back to the office and continue as every other 'normal' day. We had also arranged that hubby take Liam to the doctor as he had been running a fever since Sunday evening, a few meds and he would be on the mend. Well my day was far from the former and I place sole blame on Murphy.

I woke up, tired as usual, decided to wear my colourful stripy tight fit dress and sandals as the heat wave would make anything feel like a steam room. We headed to the office late, walked to the US consulate and to our surprise; 'You have the wrong sized pictures, you need to run into the mall to get the right size and run back, I am giving you fifteen minutes', are the words of the official at the gate. Now, picture me running like a wilder beast, in 35 degree weather, a tight fit dress and sandals all the way in and out of the mall. I am glad I did not have to witness it myself, but I am less than impressed about having experienced it. We got back to the consulate on time and I had to take the long walk back to the office, now hot, bothered and sweating like a waterfall.

While all this was going on, hubby takes Liam to the Doctors office who subsequently freaks out stating that we need get tests done as soon as possible as Liam seems to display symptoms of an Appendicitis. Hubby calls me during my hot walk to inform me that they may be rushing Liam to the hospital and of course that 'mommy guilt' that follows me everywhere starts to whisper sweet nothings into my ear.
My Children affected this day

Obviously a little panicked once I reach the office. I inform my co-workers of my dilemma and that the minute hubby calls with news, I may have to leave them stranded there. I wait for my sister in law to return with news that her Visa was approved, pack up and head out as hubby was already on his way to the hospital at that time.

A quick note here: A year ago I got into a car accident with my mothers car. I have been putting off fixing it as it would be costly but hubby decided on Sunday to take the initiative to go get her car and leave our second vehicle there. So I don't have a car and have to figure out how to get to the hospital which is at least two to three taxis or an expsensive train ride and a taxi ride away with my sister in law in tow.

A good samaritan hears my story in the lift ( I talk fast ) and offers to give me his Uber promo code which would get us to the hospital in a hurry, and for FREE! I  download the app, and miserably fail to read the instructions and cannot understand why an Uber just won't pick us up. We resort to getting on a local taxi, another taxi in the city and then jump onto another one to the hospital. Hubby picks us up half way with Liam in the car. He seems surprisingly well to me so I am a bit taken back by the doctors claims. In any case, we rush back to the hospital and book Liam in.

Chappie Asleep on the couch

While waiting for the doctor to arrive, I get a message from my Sister in law, who at this time was dropped at  home by my hubby while he headed to work. She was with Aspen and our helper and was tasked with helping our live in helper fetch Aiden and Jesse from School and taking care of them for the night; as I was car less and hubby would be spending all night working. Her message went something like: "the dog was bumped, and she is dead". Obviously, this left me confused. Firstly, where was the dog, why was is out and what were they going to do about it?  I switch right back to frenzy mode and call my Sister in law to find out what happened. She says that the dog followed them up the road and got bumped. The driver drove off and they continued walking to fetch the boys.

She subsequently omits the fact that she let the dog out, watched the dog get bumped with my helper and daughter, jumps onto a taxi home and leaves my helper to deal with my traumatised child who needed to go get the boys from school.

I think the wires in my brain got a little bit fried here. I left Liam, ran to find a taxi home. My inner thighs on fire from the rub burn us big girls in dresses get. Eventually I remember Uber, and this time actually send a request for one ( I had no idea I had to actually push the button ), get home and go nuts on everyone involved in me having to leave my sick child behind, sorting out transport, killing my dog and leaving her on the side of the road. Yelling at 3 people on the phone and my helper all at the same time. I mean logically, how do I leave my kids with people who can't use common sense enough to take care of a dog. I subsequently order food for delivery, get my moms car back from the panel-beater and rush back to the hospital.

I sat at Liam's bedside and waited for the paediatric on call who eventually arrived. He so calmly and sweetly walks into the room, with his Sotho accent and says, ' Well Liam has a sinus infection and constipation'. Can you imagine how crazy my brain cells went in this moment.' So you are telling me I went through all of this drama for a damn sinus infection!! REALLY!! I MEAN REALLY!!
The GP could have given us a course of Antibiotics and happily sent us on our way home for Pete Sake! Instead he completely turned our day on its head and we ended up having to pay for completely unnecessary hospital bills.

Chappie's Memorial
When everything died down and Liam said it was ok for me to leave him with the lovely staff at the hospital for the night, I headed home with a plan to find our Chappie and bring her home. I eventually found her in a very dark area, had a long talk on the phone with hubby, put her in the car and drove home.

Murphy really had it out for me on Tuesday, and I am already in revenge mode. In retrospect, things would have been different if I had decided to take the road less travelled by calling the GP the check his facts before Liam's transfer, finding more reliable help with picking up the boys and making sure that there was no way for Chappie to express her freedom by escaping from our yard. So much I could of changed but all I can do now is learn.

So in memory of our dear Chappie, I am sticking it to Murphy, dusting myself off and choosing to change a few things in the way we do run things with our kids and in our home.
Chappie has been buried under a beautiful old tree which I am hoping will ease the pain that my soft hearted Aspen had to endure at the expense of heartless and inhuman human beings.

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