Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A's was Welcomed into the family of God...

Sunday the 29th of June was my Tooth Fairies dedication. I finally found her a sailor dress and she looked so adorable in it. The Day went really well with us attending service at 09:30 in the morning and then having KFC on the way home lol. When I got to my mom's place, there was already some family there.
We ate and ate while watching Trevor Noah's "DayWalker" (really funny...lol) and then getting into the Germany Vs England game.
 The day was great and I took some lovely pics of my TF.

A, J and Me

My Aunt J and My cousin D who lives in the US.

My Best Friend D.

My Unlce's Pst G, E and E2 ( no that is now alcohol in E2's hand )

My Sister C.

My Son and My best friends son L and N.

My mother in law and her sisters.

and my flower girls, S, J and K.

These are the adorable pics we got of my TF.

 I am so happy that we had her dedicated after such a long delay. Now I feel secure that she is in God's hands and that His Will will be done in her life.

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