Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A lot to tell...

I find difficulty blogging on my Black Berry so I have not blogged since Thursday, but brace yourself... I have a lot to tell today. So here we go.

About me: I am a 24 year old project assistant and have been married to my handsome J since 2007. I am a on again off again phsyhology student (finances) but recently decided to do short courses in photography and Doula classes ( when I get the money ).
I really enjoy learning new things and exploring taboo topics. I am a natural birth advocate in every sense of the word. Oh and one more thing ' I also want world peace' he he he...

My family: I am the product of pastoral music parents and sing myself.
My son L was born via unnecesary c section in 2006 and my daughter A was born naturally on my hallway floor into my little sisters arms. ( yes we are pretty dramatic that way LOL)

Typical South African: I talk like a coloured, I have family at the Cape Town Flats and love the song ' Make the circle beeeger'! My hubby, my sister and I have all been robbed and just last week the car was broken into and my groceries were stolen! Gotta love it hey.. lol.
I was a teen mom and so was my sister and..... but most of all I am a PROUD SOUTH AFRICAN!
Nothing beats the culture, the people and the landscape! All the other stuff are but a drop in the ocean.


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