Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Opening...

My Boss said I could stay at home on Friday because we work in the middle of the road closers around Soccer city, and man was FRIDAY A GREAT DAY!!!

My sister and I had planned to go to my moms church for the day but the weather worried us since A is only 4 months old and her son M is only 11 months old. We decided to go and take a look anyway and ended up staying....WOW WHAT A GOOD CHOICE.

The atmosphere was amazing. When the Kick off match started, it sounded like we were at the game. The people, the Vuvuzela's, everything was great. The moment that really took my breath away is when Tshabalala scored that goal, it was like a roaring earthquake... man that was an awesome moment. Everybody went wild!! There was nothing like being in the midst of all these proud people. Our country has really impressed me so far, they have done well across all avenues with this world cup and we are truly a world class country now. Here are some pics of me in my Bafana Bafana gear:

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