Thursday, June 17, 2010

Youth Day 2010

So Yesterday was out annual Youth Day, but because of all the World Cup stuff, there was not one thing done for the day that I know of. How sad, since every year they make big fuss out of the day. I guess since we are living in a democracy since 1994, and the World Cup hitting our shores, we are creating a new legacy and letting go of our horrible apartheid past. For those of you who do not know what Youth Day is about, go here :

The World Cup has been really successful so far, but man did Bafana Bafana Suck last night. For some reason they could not get it together. I still support them and hope that France does not make them look bad next week but c'mon guys, you seemed to have lost it last night. Why did the ref have to hand out so many cards if something was not wrong. Well I was so disappointed that all I could do was go to bed, hoping dream land would save me from the humiliation. Well it did not! I HAD TO DREAM ABOUT THE MATCH TOO! I guess I should be grateful that Bafana can play in the World Cup at all, since they did not qualify on their own... He he...

The last thing I wanted to say (that I forgot to add) I will be on Great Expectations next week to tell my Birth Story. How great is that. I am so nervous but yet so exited. I hope I don't look like a fart. I will post here when it does play since the show will be pre-recorded.
Here is the link to my Birth Story :

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