Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Locked up for R3.99 ($0.53)

I wanted to post about the horrible experience we had with the law last week but my Black Berry was trying to be funny...LOL

So anyway, it all started when I sent my hubby to go and buy some steriliser at the store for the baby. Well a few hours later I get a call from him. "Baby, we have a problem". Immediately I assume it's the the car as it has been giving us trouble for quite some time and I have his dad's number on speed dial for days like these. Turns out it was something I could not have thought of in a million years.

"I was arrested and put in a cell" he says, "They will not let me go and the security at the store will not hear me out".
Now I know my husband is not criminal, he is such a humble man and he would not go out of his way to bother anybody, accept me of course. So knowing me to be completely dramatic I ask him to explain what was going on.
" Well I felt weak in the store since I had not eaten all day, so I opened a R3.99 ($0.53) Kit Kat chocolate and ate it, put the wrapping in my pocket with the intention to pay for it at the counter".
" The wrapper fell out of my pocket and when I paid for the sterilizer and went to the door, the security asked me why I had not paid for the chocolate, and I said that I forgot. I then turned around to pay for the chocolate but before I could go back, I got arrested!"
At this point I was not sure if I was mad at hubby for opening the chocolate to begin with or the fact that they had locked him up in a cell and nobody wanted to hear him out. I mean he could have paid three times the amount for the chocolate, but nobody cared.
We spoke on the phone a couple of times as he waited for the cops to come and fetch him and I also called the Mall's offices and the stores managers to no avail. They could not have cared less and the way they treated me on the phone was disgusting. Now that I think about it I think I got a little over emotional since I caught myself crying, but should they not have been more sympathetic then?

Hubby then called me from the station to let me know that things are ok and that he would be on his way home soon. I then proceeded to get his favourite meal finished and put the kids to bed as I had planned on having a romantic evening with my jail bird that night, before all the drama.
Well all that came to a screeching halt when he called me again to tell me they were keeping him overnight and that I had to go to court to get him the following day. I was hysterical at that point and could not understand why my soft spoken, funny, humble husband was being treated like a common criminal over a R3.99!!!!
I tried calling him again to find out what had happened and could not get through to his mobile. So I mobilised the troops, his parents in this case, and we went to go and see what was the problem.
I was already extremely upset by the time we reached the station and started yelling at the cop there. They could not have been bothered by my ranting and carried on as if I was not there. They did eventually let me see him, and my heart sank when I saw how tired and horrible he looked. Mind you this was 11:30 at night and he had already fallen asleep, and at that time I had my 'increadibly upset wife' blinkers on.
The cops gave me all his things and I had to then wait for the following day to hear what would happen. I did not sleep at all that night, I just wanted him home and could not imagine how families deal with members who serve drawn out sentences.

I went to court the following day, missing an interview of the job that I really needed, and waited for the verdict. He had to plead guilty to shoplifting or else they would have kept him for another 7 days.
He later let me know why they had kept him. Apparently when they asked him for his address, he gave the wrong one. In his words 'I wanted to test to see if the cop was doing his job'. I was sooo mad that he would put me through that just to 'test' the cop.

Well everything is resolved, I did not get another interview and will most likely not get the job, but hubby got to spend the night in a cold cell for his games LOLOL.

On a serious note, this really did scare me, I am not sure why I feel this bad about it all but I do know that I do not want to go through something like this again.
My family thinks I am just trying to be dramatic, but I felt what it was like for someone that I love to be taken away from me against my will and really made me wonder what I would do if it ever became something permanent.
I pray that I don't lose those close to me and that I get to see my kids grow up as the pain of loss would be too much to bare.

So to my 'testing' hubby, I love you, but do it again and 'I WILL CLOBBER YOU'

Hubby and I when he had hair...

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