Thursday, July 22, 2010

You are in Heaven

Dear Aspen

It has been six months to the day that I felt like I was in heaven.
I went on a journey for 9 months to start my battle on the 21st of  January 2010 and only to be victorious 36 hours later. The victory was a release of the negative energy I received from doctors, friends and family over my decision to have my you at home. I had to be an advocate for you, my body and for all women who were told never to attempt a natural birth after a c section. Some days it was exhausting, I was in so much pain that a c section seemed easy, but I did it. I made it, we made it.

I laid on the hallway floor with you in my arms, daddy holding me and just embraced the moment. The calm that fell over me was amazing.
I hear people say that when you go to heaven you walk into love, that moment was the equivalent. I persevered in love, pushed in love, and today I hold you with love.

Aspen you are a constant reminder of how strong I am, how strong you made me, how heaven feels.
Happy Half Birthday my tooth fairy, I am so blessed to have you, more blessed to know you, and greatly blessed to raise you.

This Post was inspired my Mama Kat's Writers Workshop - Prompt no 4.

"How far to heaven? Just open your eyes and look. you are in heaven"-Shankar


Forest Rose said...

I have a 9 week old(my 3rd girl). It is such a magical moment to give birth isn't it? God has given us the gift of being the only doorway from heaven to this world. I will never forget my wonderful experiences, thank you for sharing yours. She is perfect! God bless!

Sarah said...

What a beautiful post!

Mama Kat said...

You walk into love!! I've never heard that before, but it's the PERFECT description! Love that!

Bree said...

What a BEAUTIFUL little girl! Our babies are about the same age! Congratulations. Isn't it amazing?

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Big Mama Cass said...

Awww! What an absolutely beautiful post!!!

myorii said...

Awww, this post was written with so much love that I can't help but smile :) You are amazing for have her through natural labor! She is so cute :) Happy half birthday to her!