Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So I have really slacked on updating lately, but I have had a lot on my plate so here is what really happened in the past two weeks.

I got up one morning about a week and a half ago and suddenly it dawned on me that I was going to die one day, weather I liked the idea or not. I found myself feeling afraid for where I would end up and what would happen to my kids. What worried me most is that hubby and I have some debt issues ( almost sorted ) and that I did not want that to be what I left my kids. So I took action and started to set up life insurance policies for hubby and I, a Will and a trust fund for my kids. My newly married cousin K and her hubby have agreed to be the guardians of my kids, and all that is left to set up is the funeral policies.
Now that all that is being handled, I sit here and wonder, do I really want to leave my kids behind, do I really want them to feel the trauma of loss, do I really want someone, anyone else raising them besides me. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. But the reality is there and if they don't have me, I want them to know that I went out of my way to give them the best in my absence. I pray that the Lord keep Hubby and I into old age, because I don't think I could bare my children suffering because of me.

So the rest of the two weeks have been pretty eventful. Since the Soccer World Cup was In my 'backyard' and Phillip (pronounced feeleep) was going to be around for two weeks still, my family took advantage of the things the government had opened for our visitors use. We went on the Gautrain, and man what an experience that was:

We went to Sandton just to see and listen to all these strange people who we only ever see on television. Sandton was packed with people like I have never seen it before, and man were there a lot of foreigners!!!
They spoke a lovely Spanish and dutch, languages that just seemed to flow off their tongues. Is it not strange how a different language makes a man 10 times more sexy than he really is...lol.
' Jesus Navas, say it to me one more time...'
And those dreamy eyes...
Coming back to reality... it has really been an experience and man has there been some great world cup memories:
Our Stadiums

The First Goal
Oracle Paul

Diego Forlans Goals
Diego Maradona celebrates

Vuvuzela'sThe Fans

Jimmy Jump


Spain wins!!!

And now that it has come to close and Spain getting all their deserved glory, life just goes back to normal here in our great country. It seems so strange now, there will no longer be the count down, football Fridays and the annoying men on the side of the road selling every flag you can think of  LOL. I am so proud of my country for hosting an incredibly successful World Cup, we outdid ourselves and those who criticised us have to swallow their words. I would not trade South Africa for the World and am glad God chose me to be a citizen in this wonderful land.

We did a family photo shoot in the middle of all this too:

Thanks Jana -  Images for Life

Wow we have been busy.

We have had so much fun in this past month, it has come time now for us to move the the serious things, me, hopefully getting a new job and then finding a new house, it is all so exciting.

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