Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Forget... what was I going to say now?

There are many things about being pregnant that I really enjoyed, the food, the belly and all the attention. But in the same note, there were things that I really despise!! I hated feeling as though I had a bottle of rum to drink everyday, that my back felt like it had a knife lodged into it and most of all, I hated the bad memory that it came with. I would always forget things and it would really get on my nerves. Luckily this feature never lasted after my first pregnancy with L. This time, however, I have not been as lucky.

I have used to keep the key to our house before I got a full time nanny ( a whole 34 hours ago ) since I used to get home before hubby. I would unlock the door and walk straight into the kitchen from the front door.
WAIT...You missed it didn't you. There is an entire living room and dining room before I reach the kitchen...so where is the key?!
Hopefully not not still in the door AGAIN!
This is the story of my life. It happens on almost a daily basis. It used to be funny and I keep telling hubby how easy it would be if we could attach a beeper to the houses key. But this seems to be something I am considering more everyday. Not only with the house keys but with my cell phone, my purse and every thing else valuable that I continue to lose.

I am probably the banks best customer in the card division as I have a habit of constantly losing my ATM cards. This is probably due to negligent but when I lose my purse, where do I keep my ATM card? In my pocket right, but then I still have the problem of forgetting the card in the jeans, and my card once again gets a spin in the washing machine. Mostly it is left on my desk at work, covered by a million pages and disappears with my work ( currently at my left elbow as I type this ).

What has really become worrisome is that I am forgetting things that are now affecting my life. Two weeks ago, I forgot to fetch L from Pre School. Luckily for me, he attends his grandmothers Pre School, but still. Then I nearly forgot about A as I walked out of the house the other day. I am not sure if I should be concerned and if this is at all temporary.

I have googled about it a few times and the one symptom that keeps hitting me is stress. I know I am stressed out, in my head, but I don't feel stressed and everybody around me would think I was doing really well.   So  where does that leave me? Maybe I should try forgetting about the stress and this will all go away. I already lost my purse on Saturday, I will not have the key anymore (full time nanny, remember) and because of her will never forget my kids again.

I really hope I remember to find out...

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Sandra said...

Don't feel bad, it happens to all of us. I still forget my kids now and then. Eventually they make there way back home!...kidding! I usually remember them before I pull out of the parking lot of wherever I've forgotten one of them!
Love the title of your post! I laughed.