Friday, August 6, 2010

I travel about 40 min to and from work everyday, in the morning with hubby and in the afternoon with my colleague and her hubby. Well the hubby, L, usually listens to some crazy local radio station every day. It's not too bad but not great either. So this week he decided that he had had enough of the radio and popped in a mixed CD. The music was pleasant enough, but then a familiar song came up and I caught myself gasping when it started. I blew it off as a once off, but then it happened again the following day. I was a bit astonished at my reaction to the same song on two different occasions and when I thought about it, I realized why my breath kept being taken away.

When I started high school I fell in love with Brian McKnight and any tune that came from his mouth. I remember sitting in home room every morning singing his songs to my friends in the class. I loved every word in 'Back at one' and it became my theme song for that year.

Well this obsession carried on for a few years and when I was in grade 10 I met the man I was sure I was going to marry. He was exactly what I hoped for in a guy (even at the tender age of 15) and we were 'meant' to be together always. Our relationship was rocky because there were people who just did not approve of me in his life and my dad was dead set on the fact that I was not old enough to have a boyfriend. We got into trouble for each other and fought for our relationship for over two years, until I made the mistake to cheat on him. In my defence, I was still a child and longed for adventure. The worst part was that he did not find out about my infidelity...until I told him a few months later, out of guilt.

To make a long story short, he left me and I was soooo broken. I did not know what to do accept -sob in the rain for him to forgive me and beg him to take me back. Yup I was pathetic, I know. But hey, it worked. A few weeks later we decided to try again and I was soo incredibly happy that he had forgiven me, or so I thought.

A few short months later, the day after my birthday, he broke it off. I was so mad at him for not even showing up for my birthday and then breaking it off with me the next day!!! Who did he think he was to dump me like that. I mean I was his first everything (he was mine too) and he does this... how dare he!!! I put up a front that everything was ok for a long time and cried myself to sleep for almost 6 months in silence. He promptly moved on and I had to face him every week at church with his now wife.

Just as I hit 6 months of mourning, things started to look brighter until I hear THAT song by no one other that Mr Brian McKnight, yup you guessed it '6,8,12'. I broke down when I realized that it had been that long and just wanted to hide under a rock. I thought I had finally gotten over all this, but it hit me like a flood with those words.

I have since moved on and don’t even think much about those days, but it seems my heart still remembers the way I felt at that time. That song by Brian McKnight still tells of the pain I felt that year, when my dreams were shattered and I cried enough to take a nation out of drought LOL. I am glad I went through it though, I met someone who really is everything God intended for me and I am happier today.

I love you J...
And thank you N for breaking my heart so that I can find the right man for the job...;)

You can find the song here: 6, 8, 12

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