Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wow, its been a while...

I have not been that motivated to post in the last couple of weeks as we have been dealing with a lot of BS at home this past while. Just when I thought that all the drama in our lives was coming to an end, it just starts back up again. We were on our way to a debt free existence and things were looking good. I was so exited becasue it meant that I could finally get the DSLR that I have been looking forward to getting for the last while.

Then reality hit us in the butt. Last week hubby was yet again in another car accident. This time coming out with a few injuries, some we only discovered a few days later. He was so shocked when it happened that he sounded completely out of it when he called me. His exact words were " I think I was in and accident, I'm not sure".
Well needless to say, our car is a complete write off. Luckily hubby took out insurance on the car after the last accident which saves us a whole lot of pain right now.

We are waiting for a R9000 to be paid to us from people that owe us money and they are just dragging their feet with the payment. But hopefully all works out well.
Then today they call us and let us know that they want to reposses the car!! WTH, we just sorted out a few of our debts and now they want to take our , none existent, car away. Its like nobody will cut us some slack, I mean we are waiting for our money and cant do anything until we get it. I am just soooo mad that this has to always be our major problem.

But I am staying positive, even though we need to fork our a load of cash ASAP, at least their will be less things to pay in the long run and hubby and I can finally spend our money on the things that matter...


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