Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Countdown Begins!!!

It is officially 9 hours from the start of my 3rd anniversary and contrary to my own beliefs, I have not planned a thing!!! *GAHSP*

I feel guilty as hell!!! I want to take him out for sushi, but I dont know if he has something else planned.
What can I do in these short 9 hours?!

I was going to buy him two lovebirds, until I was reminded that they would drive  me crazy since I am the only on who gets up with A in the middle of the night.
Then I was going to get him a Black Berry, but he would realize that I had spent the money and known something was up.

So what to do now? Is it tooo late? I am panicking at this point and have never run on "no ideas" ever!!!!

Somebody save me from total humiliation!!!

WAIT, I GOT IT... "Honey, I'm sorry, I forgot"

Would that even Fly?

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