Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do you Remember

Do you you remember the morning you woke up and new it was THE day.
You got out of bed, looked at yourself in the mirror and realized you would never be the same again.
That day would mean so much for years to come, it would define the rest of your life as it was.
You styled your hair, got dressed and took a last look at yourself in the mirror,
a mirror you knew so well these past years. The person, someone you knew even better, in that mirror.
Tomorrow will be different. You will be changed. You will be a new person.
Now who you grew to become, but what that day will make you.
This Day turns you into a new person, someone you need to embrace and someone you need to
acknowledge in all the things that you do daily.  The I, Me and My will fall away and no longer will you see your in that mirror alone again.
You will now become.....

A Spouse, a Lover, a Partner, a Friend and one day a Parent.

These words are dedicated to the love of my life on our 3rd Anniversary.
Sep 8th  - I forever became yours*

The beginning of our happily after ever started here

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