Thursday, September 2, 2010

A good Change

My blog has not been running for that long and I am still learning about this blogging business, but there is one thing that I could never seem to be satisfied with, how my page looked. It always frustrated me that I could not get the look that represents my South Africanism and my personality at the same time. I read so many blogs that had all these great illustrations that were unique to them and wondered how they did it. I even googled ways to do it myself, but since I do not have my Photoshop Software yet, there was no way I was going to get the unique look I was looking for.

The other problem I had was trying to blend in the two things that I wanted. I love the colour pink, well since its, . At the same time I love Giraffe and had no idea how to create an header with  both included. Not forgetting something to represent the name of my blog. Being South African is important to me and I needed that to show as well.

While browsing a couple of days ago, I entered a blog that I love to look at and decided to leave a comment. I then read a few of the comments left before me and came across a guy who said he did and illustration of what the blogger had photographed and I was curious to see it. I went to his blog and saw that he does children's illustrations which were just amazing. So I decided to try my luck and mail him to see if he would help me change my header.

Low and behold, he mailed me back all the way from Bosnia-Herzegovina!! I told him what I wanted and in a short few minutes he had done it, and it is perfect!! I love how he put everything together, and I did not even tell him to use pink. Now I am a satisfied momma... and can now focus on promoting my blog, or at  least try to...

Thanks Emir Isović ...You have made my Day!!!

Check his illustrations out at:
And not forgetting his wife Mehtap Ozer's  wonderful  - The Old Curiosity shop


dawn said...

Just popping in to say thanks for stopping by my blog... and so glad you cleared up the title for me. I read it at work very late, et, early this morning and I just could not get the words to sound right... then I looked at what it's supposed to say in Grown Up language, not kid, and Voila! I got it. Or maybe getting some sleep after work helped clear it al up... either way I love that you honored your child that way AND the Giraffe... simply adorable.
I have pink, but love orange but he/she looks perfect up there.
Oh, and you have to give him/her a name!
See you around the internet I am sure!

Booyah's Momma said...

He did a great job... the new header looks great!

parentingBYdummies said...

Well good for you! Sometimes getting what you want and need just takes an ask. Too bad that idea doesn't work on my kids! Well sometimes it does if I ask 70 times first! Thanks for stopping by pBd today. So glad you enjoyed my post and hope to see you around again soon!

Emir Isović said...

Thank you people! Don't forget to visit my blog as well... :)