Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just a share...

I usually don't update over the weekend because I am still waiting for my Internet to be set up at home. I cant wait for that day because I think my updates will be a whole lot more interesting. Anyway, Sunday I finally got the flu after the change of season caught up with me. I have not been sick since June 09 and kept bragging about it. It seem Karma wanted to teach me a lesson and slapped me hard in the chest, or was it my Chest, nose and throat...lol. At least I have my voice back, well on and off, and the head cold has subsided some.

So to make up for the past few days, I just wanted to share some pics.

I am not the most domestic wife in the world, I actually hated baking because the last time I attempted it, I burnt the cake mix to the bottom of the pan. Needless to say, the pan had to be thrown out and I promised myself never to try it AGAIN, I mean what if the house burns down next time.
A whole 6 years later and a new oven, I decided to toss my fears and give it a try:

My first ever Apricot Jam and Coconut Tart
Too much sugar added but a really good first

Bran Muffins (from packaged muffin mix...lol)

And a sad looking Chocolate cake.
It was the best Chocolate cake I have ever had...No Jokes!!!

And in my flu riddled state yesterday, I made Fat Cakes (Vetkoek - sp - fet-kook) with curried minced meat ( I added veg too). I could not taste them at all (dumb flu) but hubby and L were very pleased with them... and I am pleased with myself for putting in the effort to learn.

I nearly forgot the liver, sweet potato fritters ( I think that is what it is called) and spinach supper I made, Boiled the spinach with onion and just added a three cheeses packaged sauce.. It was so good L even asked for seconds...lol

Then I just wanted to share some new pics of a now very mobile and naughty mobile A:

Since we have a new helper, this what I come home to at the door.

She loves ice cold lollies since our spring was replaced by summer this year. ( it is closed, she just loves the coldness of it)

And finally, she has been pulling herself up on everything. It seems she will be walking soon even though she only really started crawling with lighting speed on Sunday.

I hope everybody had a great weekend... and a great week ahead..*smiles*

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