Friday, September 10, 2010

What a Memory

The 8th of September was my 3rd wedding anniversary, and since I am the romantic in our relationship, I am always planning great and wonderful things we end up doing. This year I totally ran out of ideas and really did not think about it since hubby had everything he had ever wanted.
I did eventually decide on a stand up comedy DVD and some sushi.

Hubby on the other hand, is the more practical thinker between the two of us. He would rather buy me something I don't need nice than organise a romantic do, any day. But this year I think we both figured that we do the things WE want for the other. So this year he went where he has never gone before, into my wildest dreams.

I patiently waited for him to come get me at the mall. An hour and a half had passed and my patience and the airtime on my cell phone was running low. When he eventually showed up, I was fed up and ready to go home. The thing is, my curiosity was sparked that afternoon and I really wanted to know why he wanted me to come all the way to the City.

Well, we drove a short while and then ended up at a small shopping center. He said that we were going to a fancy place ( and I was dressed in the colour of poop ).
It turned out that he had made a reservation at one of the most exclusive restaurants in the whole of Johannesburg.
I have always heard them talking about Signature on the radio, and always wondered how wonderful it would have been to spend a romantic evening enjoying a meal there. And here it was happening.

The atmosphere was low key, dim light and there was a grand piano on a small stage in the room. He had painstakingly made sure that everything would be perfect.
We had a table in the corner of the room next to a window with a view of (what would have been) the sunset (if we had gotten their earlier). The food was the kind that I had only ever seen in magazines. I have never actually eaten gourmet before and had no idea that it was actually as perfect in both design and flavour, as it was. We sat and spoke softly to each other and all I could do was tell him how perfect it all was, and if it got any better, I would just cry.

The music that the live band was playing set the mood for love and I think I fell in love all over again with each note that was sang.
The same music carried on through to the bathroom, and they played all the slow jams I knew by heart.
Then just after the waiter left to get the Tirumisu that I ordered, she walked back in with IT and a bunch of white roses. The singer on stage announcing a congratulations to us And everyone in the restaurant gave us smiles of approval. I was in heaven, on cloud nine, like I had never been before. Hubby took the dream from my mind and turned it into a reality.
We were then serenaded with "I just want to say, Happy Anniversary" by the band.

Everything was perfect, I could not have asked for a better 3rd anniversary and still smile every time I think about how perfect Hubby had made that night.
Days like these make me glad to have the man I do, and I thank God for opportunities like this to fall in love with him all over again, no matter our struggles.

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