Friday, October 29, 2010

Just an Annoying Day

There are not many things that don't annoy me, I think. I mean I am pretty frustrated forgiving with peoples short comings and try my best not to annoy them. But there are two things on my list of things to change that really get on my absolute last nerve. They bother me so much that I end up meditating on them for months after, which I can admit is not healthy at all, but what am I to do.

Starting with the least most annoying of the two:
Disappointment - OR in my understanding - not keeping your word.
Okay, I have to admit that I have a habit of setting very high standards for the people around me so I probably set myself up in this position every time it happens, but it does not make it any less annoying.
The on thing everybody should knows about me is that I do not appreciate being let down. I hate it when people do not follow through when they said they would do something. I mean here you offer up this information and the easy going nice person I am, I schedule my whole life around that information. And then a few hours later you come back to me with a complete and utterly different story, task or what ever it was. Now to you, the change might seem insignificant, but to me, it involves rewriting all my plans which is incredibly frustrating. I am a perfectionist (in selective areas) and would like to keep things the way there were the first time. Hubby knows this all too well and I think he keeps changing up things just to get under my skin. Thank God I am such a frustrated forgiving person, or else he would not have survived my wrath irritation.

The other thing that really gets me boiling is something I think bothers a lot of people. But for me it has an annoyance I cannot describe. I remember every single occasion this has happened to me and it still gets my blood boiling.
Stealing - OR in my understanding - People who don't want to get a job and buy there own crap!!
I have been robbed a number of times in the past. My tight was stolen by (I think) our domestic worker when I started my first job. Unfortunately there was no evidence to prove it. Then my bag got stolen at a mall. My phone swiped in church twice, the first time by hubbies not ex best friend. Being robbed at gun point of my phone and my moms necklace on the way home from a Friend and now most recently, my Love Dare Book being swiped in church including the first Photo hubby and I ever took inside of it.
I hate stealing, but most of all I despise thieves. I cannot seem to fathom why a person would intentionally steal someone else's possessions. We work hard for the things that we have and for someone to take all we have earned within a a few minutes, really creeps up my spine. When I was younger, I caught myself cursing the thieves for the things they would take. It seemed like they were trying to hurt me, and I hated then for it. Over the years I have learned to pray for them instead, but it does not hurt any less and I struggle with forgiving these people.

If you don't believe me, try this on for size. When I was 4 years old, my best friend A lived across the road from our house. I used to be there all the time and had no idea that they were planning to move. I remember the last day I say him. I had a bag with me and he put one of his toys in my bag. I did not realize that the toy was in my bag until I got home. When I found it, I felt and still feel incredibly guilty for having 'stollen' his toy. Of course it was not my intention, but I still felt bad and still do. Now here is the question, If I feel so convicted when something small like this happens, what rational do people having for robbing others of their livelihood?

Hopefully in the years to come, I will get over my annoyance of these two things. I do still have a lot of growing up to do you know.

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