Monday, November 1, 2010

Weigh In Monday Revision Week 2

At long last I have had some success!!! YAY ME!!!

Last week I did the journal for only a few days and started to notice a pattern with what I felt when I was overindulging. I always thought I was eating for comfort, which is partly true, but there was more to it. I opened a pack of my babies Marie biscuits (butter cookies) and after eating the first one did not feel satisfied. I thought about it for a second but did not take the initiative enough to put it away and started munching away until I was almost through the pack. I felt so guilty for doing this and then realized that I needed a distraction. at that time

I was focused on the biscuits and even though I knew I should not be eating them, did not convince myself enough to put them away. The other huge issue is the amount of food I eat at supper and lunch. I have become so accustomed to large amounts of food at one go that anything less seems like too little. I remember standing in the canteen (cafeteria) at work and complaining that their breakfast was too little and someone else saying how filled they would be from it. It all comes down to my mindset, and as I have heard a million times, my relationship with food. So I have now reduced the size of my portions down half way. Its been really hard to have 2 pieces of pizza instead of four but I am doing it so far.

I have not done very much exercise this past week but I managed to do 4 outdoor photo shoots on Saturday, running around on and empty stomach for most of the day. My muscles are very sore so in its own, Saturday was my work out day.

What was my payoff for my semi hard work?

I lost a total of 2Kg's - which I am ecstatic about because I am at least just under 100Kg's at 99Kg's
Its nothing huge but a good start.
Now time to tackle Thai Bo once and for all....OUCH!!

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singedwingangel said...

Losing weight is HARD. I like you eat when I am bored, when I am stressed, when I am nervous. I also tend to snack all day then eat one huge meal. Coming from a family of diabetics that is not good for me. I need to learn to eat 5-6 small meals every day. Snacks like Almonds or other things are much better nad fill me up better and longer then that small bag of chips. You can do this, although I think you are beautiful already