Friday, October 22, 2010

Strength of a Mother

Yesterday I posted on My Childhood Label for Mama Kat's Writers Workshop and never really got a chance to catch up on the other posters that day. So today I took time aside to read the other blog posts taking part and came across one that really got to my heart. It made me realise that my life is freaken fantastic compared to other people.

Let me start by saying that I like to reflect on myself on a regular basis especially when it comes to hubby and the kids. But I have a habit of being incredibly negative if the time allows. I mean, that's just what I am like. Negativity stands out to me more than anything and it has become a part of my nature to point it out. My mom and sister remind me  how often I complain everyday, about my health, my job and generally my life. To me it was just what I do. But every so often you come across those people who have survived odds that you cant imagine that put things back into perspective.

After reading June Freaking Cleaver from The Ratio of Failures blog post about what she deals with everyday, I just had to smack myself in the face. I actually sat and cried about her situation because all of it sounds so overwhelming and endless. I then realized that I don't really have anything wrong with my life, I just tend to make things seem worse than they really are. I mean I have a loving husband, great kids, a job and I can afford luxuries like Black Berries and holidays. I don't have to get up every morning and worry that my children might not be alive when I go into their rooms.

No that is one thing that I fear above everything on this planet. I love my kids so much and would be completely gone if I had to lose either of them. This worries me so much that I check if they are breathing if they sleep too still. I sit and think about what my life would be without them, and cry at the thought. I am afraid of a lot of things, but God knows I would not survive losing a child.
Then there are mothers who are just grateful that their kids made it through another day, alive. I sit and wonder what those women go through everyday. Do they revel in the unknown or do they try to enjoy what they can of their kids. The moms I have come across in these kinds of situation seem to have a supernatural strength to not only keep moving forward, but to make the lives of their kids worth while.
I know for one, I would not have that kind of strength. I don't have the heart to deal with having to make sure everything and everywhere is safe enough for my kids. I solute the mothers who can manage to do this and  make sure they are happy themselves too. It must take a dedication like no other to be able to pull through having an unwell child always and having a life as well.

So I dedicate this post to June Freaking Cleaver, you have a strength that we don't see too often these days and because of you, I want to appreciate my life and the things in it more. I hope I could be a strong mama like you one day.

Check out her blog:

The Ratio of Failures


June Freaking Cleaver said...

I'm surprised at the impact my post has had.

Thank you so much for your kind comments.

I don't think I'm doing anything particularly special; I think that any mother in a similar situation would gather up the strength she needs to take care of her child.

And we moms need to be supportive of each other - you never know what struggle one of us may be having.

And thank you for reminding ME to appreciate each good day!

Simplegirl said...

Nice to meet you I am now following your lovely blog from Blog Frog and am going to continue reading your posts.

Melissa B. said...

June F. is a strong, strong woman. Thanks so much for reaching out and supporting her!

singedwingangel said...

I love June and as a mother to a biploar child I understand a lot of what she has dealt with. How wonderful of you to let others know about her. she is pretty awesome.. following you now nad I love yoru blog title how cute is that

Stef said...

Okay, I am gonna go check her out. I think all of us sometimes get in the rut of seeing only our lives or our struggles. I know when I do that it is hard to see the good things that I have been blessed with. Thanks for the reminder!

matt gordon said...

i enjoyed this post. reminds me of some people i know in columbus ohio, usa. i echo the sentiments of the ladies above. this post was mighty vulnerable and i feel lucky to get to see this side of someone i met for the first time. even if it is over the internet, a hemisphere away. just wondering though, which of the 11 south african dialects do you speak. i think xhosa looks the coolest, but zulu would win major points if spoken in america