Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Worst Job Ever... To Me

There are a lot of jobs I think I would try, even if it is just for a an hour. I think I am pretty versatile in this area and would never back out for a challenge. I mean, the experience could be fun and if not, at least a warning to my kids one day.

There is however, just one thing I would die before I ever did. Ok maybe not die, and I could even be paid a Mil to do it... only for like an hour..maybe.
Just the though of it sends shivers down my spine. I mean it is the one thing my sister and me both are not too friendly with and make us very uncomfortable. I am not as vocal about how I feel as she is but I still get creaped out about it.

My dad had us do it when we were little and man was it nasty ( well because there were crossed parts.. it was torcher and something I would rather not have anyone around me do either.
Ok, trying not to hurl at the thought.
So you wonder what that one thing can be. Trust me you are in for a disappointing surprise.

Being a pedicurist is a Job I could never understand or ever do. I am so not a fan of my own feet, so why on earth would I want to touch another persons smelly, waxy and uuugly toes?
Ok so I know, it sounds ridiculous, but just think about it.
Touching someones feet is like wearing someone else's dirty underwear because you have no idea where it has been. What is worse is that feet smell really bad, I mean do you really want you hands to smell like poop...ugh!

Pedicurists and Podiatrist really have to love what they do to do it. That makes me wonder, when 'Johny' was a young boy, what made him wake up one day and think to himself " I want to work with other peoples feet for the rest of my life ". Was it the smell of his dads feet every night when he removed his shoes?

So let me warn all the feet happy people out there...
Do not dare bring your bare feet within 5 inches of me!
I don't Play footy footy for romance and would rather not like to smell you feet from across the house.

There you have it, I am sorry to all the Spa's that will lose my money for pedi's because I WILL NOT DO OR HAVE ONE DONE OK...

This Post was inspired my Mama Kat's writers Workshop - Prompt no 1.

What was it about that movie? Describe A movie you once had memorized.


Michelle Pixie said...

Hahahahaha! When I was in Cosmetology school part of the training was to do pedicures on clients and I couldn't do it. I literally would nearly have a nervous breakdown with just the thought of anyone's stinky smelly feet coming near me. All the instructors knew it and never made me do one so I skated through school without ever having to touch anyones feet! ;-)

Lindsey said...

I don't think I could do that job either. I have always wondered how people could do jobs that required them to constantly touch other people like massage therapists and tattoo artists. I mean some people just would gross you out.

Write Chick said...

I completely agree with you! Feet are disgusting. I actually have proof of this.
I took a Microbiology class in college and we swabbed all these surfaces to see what kind of bacteria and viruses grew. The bottom of a shoe grew ten times the amount of bacteria as a toilet seat, the sink in the bathroom, and any light switch or door handle. Gross, huh?

Love your blog and your photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm becoming a follower. :-)

JustMom420zaks said...

I totally understand. Although I'm not AS grossed out by feet, I can apply it to mouths. I'd hate to work in denistry, not only do you have to tinker around in people's mouths, you have to tinker around in people's mouths when they have something nasty going on... and you have to fix that nasty!
So I imagine that filing off someone's crusty corns or ingrown toenails could have the same effect... ewwww!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I always cut my husband's toenails for him and don't mind at all. But then, it's only right after he showers so his feet don't stink.

Stopping by from writer's workshop. Here's our link if you get a chance to visit: