Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time Goes By

I have come across a couple of blogs that have not been touched in years. People shared what was going on in their lives at that particular time and then left the blog for dead. I was so afraid that this might happen to my dear little unknown blog so I promised myself to write everyday.

Well guess what, that did not happen. In the past few weeks I realized how hard it is to do that when I have other responsibilities to take care of as well. Not to mention the days that are going really horrible from start to finish. I really don't want to get on here those days, in fear that I might be incredibly rude or share way to much of what is going on in my life. I really don't think people would be very entertained by those details and I don't thing my family would "smile and wave" about it either.

So what I did was, take a break, try to sort out my life as much as I could and then gain up the courage to come back here again.
So here I am, back and in action. Still fighting my daily battles, but back to just sit and enjoy the things I don't get to think about while out at 'war'.

I have gotten better at a couple of things in these past few weeks though.
My Photography is getting better each day and I will even be shooting my first wedding this week. Man, am I scared but I am keeping my spirits up and hoping that I might pleasantly surprise myself.

I have also learned a lot about men in these few weeks. In all the time that I have been married, I had never realised how differently hubby and I see things. If I say Potato he hears apple. I mean, we are worlds apart here and I don't know why it took me so long to see why our communication was so flat. Well my light bulb has gone on and I am now proud to say that I am making the necessary steps to find out what he means when he says I am being a nag. I mean, how am I possibly being a nag...I just ask you a thousand times to put the dishes in the sink.... that's all :0

So back to the grind for me and hopefully (fingers crossed) I wont stray away too far from this again.

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