Monday, November 8, 2010

Weigh In Monday Revision Week 3

So the first week of success has come, stayed a little while, and then ran out the door!!!
I don't often tell people this, but I am a very emotional person and when life is hard, food just tastes soo much better. And yes, life was hard this past week, so hard in fact that I just had to enjoy some red cake, lemon meringue and some tasty chips (french fries). They were just simply calling out my name and moderation took a hike. Now, two Kilo's heavier again, only takes me as far back as, well, what I was two weeks ago. Not bad, I mean I could have really over done it and who knows how far back that would have set me.

Yesterday I was sitting and thinking about all the people I know, who have lost weight because of stress. Why could I not be one of those people. I mean, you see them and automatically assume it was the stress that caused them to lose the weight. For over-emotional-over-eaters like myself, we must be living the good life all the time because when in the very same situation, we blow up like balloons. So I have decided to use my emotions as a motivator to get thin, no I will not be starving myself ( I would die from taste deprivation ), but instead of eating when I am upset, I will try and put in some exercise.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I was too chicken to do the Tae Bo. I just looked at the DVD and remembered the pain that comes along with it. And for a better excuse (mmm mmm), I have just not found the time. Is it not nice being human, I get to make these unhealthy choices and justify them too. But that's just it, I am human, not a Victoria Secret model from skinny-boobfull-sassy-Pluto. Lets hope they make surgery for instant weight loss, I would live on lemon meringue

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