Thursday, November 4, 2010

They Call me Detective

Sitting in the car, wind blowing through my hair as I hit the bend at high speed. I pull out my pistol, climb out of the window of the car and drive using my feet. I aim for the back tire of the car I am chasing and shoot! The killers car comes to a halt and I jump back into my car and stop it, leaving skid marks behind. As the dust blows in the wind, I walk out in slow motion with the killer cuffed, in victory that I have solved the case.

This is a scene from my childhood dream. I remember always wanting to be a detective as a kid, yes I did want to be Michael Jackson's wife too, but I would then be his strong and fearless, gun toting 'Shebe,baby' of a wife. The gun fights and the mystery were what made being a detective so interesting to me. I loved the 'no uniform' code I saw on TV and the "perks" like getting to drive like a maniac and being one of the few people actually allowed to carry a gun.

Okay, so this was more of an obsession than a dream. I owned a few toy guns of my own and used to have high speed car chases with my mini cars. I mean, being a detective was the life! The best part was trying to solve the mystery. I used to come up with elaborate stories of murder and deceit, that only I could solve. It seemed like the ideal job to do.
But as I am sure you all know, these dreams often drift and I did not realize a few years later that my dreams had changed, not because I wanted them to, but because life changed direction.

So I sat on my couch one day, turned on the TV to Mnet and there I was reminded of my child hood dream, but now it was a more vivid dream and so much more sophisticated than what my child like brain had thought up so many years before. Okay, so he was not a woman and he was not even South African, but he was what I wanted to be.
They call him Grissom... Yes the very same Grissom from my much loved CSI. I was glued to the TV, not only because CSI is a great show, but because I relived my dreams in their weekly stories.The mystery, the guns, but now also the forensics, which kept me fascinated with every single episode.

CSI opened up something I had long forgotten about, a dream job I would still love to do. I could just imagine myself hunting down criminals and solving mysteries, I mean, how sexy is a woman with a gun?  What a great feeling it must be to know that you have saved so many lives by sacrificing your own to track down these disturbed people.
There is however one thing I would be weary of, as Grissom was putting on strain toward the end of CSI Las Vegas, would I be able to withstand the stresses of dealing with these dark situations? Who Knows? One thing I do know is that I have to go to check out a forensic lab before I die.

This Post was inspired by Mama Kat's Writers Workshop Prompt No 3

If you had made a career out of whatever you wee passionate about when you were ten... what would you be doing?


Shell said...

This is what my husband wanted to do. Kind of creeps me out, but I can see the excitement in it!

Jen said...

I agree that would be such a cool job but also very disgusting. I would definitely have to learn how suppress my gag reflex.

JustMom420zaks said...

I think you would have made an awesome super-CSI detective!

singedwingangel said...

i LOVE CSI and I cried when Grissom left, seriously cried and I still say he should have hooked up with Lady Heather.. cause I just don't like Sara lol

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I've actually only watched CSI once...does that make me a bad person?

But I like the show Bones, and that's similar.

I like to solve mysteries, but I have no desire to drive fast or use a gun.

Jerralea said...

I see that several of us wanted to be detectives!

I watched CSI Miami but never saw the others ...

Nowadays I like medical mysteries like House.

Kim said...

When it comes right down to it, I like the idea of detective work versus the reality. I can't imagine being a csi worker sifting through dead parts and all that. Glad I found your blog.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes dreams can resurface by something outside oneself even when they seem long forgotten. I agree, even though sometimes one knows that the image on television or the story told from afar is not the nitty-gritty of the daily grind, it still calls back those dreams and has a lot of appeal. The logic goes out, and the dream takes over. That's kind of neat.

Chanel said...

I'm too much of a scardy cat to be a detective. I love to was the show and pretend but I wouldn't have the guts to do it in real life. My friend just got a job as a forensic scientist and she loves her job.

Erin said...

I just LOVE Grissom, and I am so bummed he is no longer on CSI!

I think it would be a really cool job!

Anonymous said...

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Found you at BlogFrog.
Look forward to reading your blog.
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