Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My 2011

I just read over my last real post, and I honestly cannot believe its been over a year. So to start off today's post, I will fill you in on the gaps from that day.

A few posts back I spoke about needing a new job, in fact i really needed a permanent job. Well in March of 2011, it finally happened. I had been sitting in the same bank for so many years, holding my breath for something more stable to come along. And finally, in my year of change, it came through. The job is not the greatest, and not something you necessarily make a career out of, but the people and the environment make all the bad days worth it. I have never worked in a place where I feel so at ease with the people around me. Even my boss, and his boss are such great people. I feel like I struck gold this time. They are determined to make our division a great place to work and I can whole hearteldy say that they a hitting the nail right on the head.

Well, reflecting back on my most recent post, I mentioned something about losing weight and succeeding at it. It is however sad to say that that only lasted for a very short while because a few weeks later I had a huge MOTHER of a SHOCK!!  I was pregnant!! To be honest, it was not as huge a shock as you would think. I knew exactly when it happened....NOOOOO, I was not planning to have anymore babies, and my Hubster was done with kids for LIFE. Unfortunately, I know my body too well and knew something was up when I ovulated three days late.
But hey, God knew what he was doing and on the 21st of September 2011, I birthed J, my amazing 3.4 kg baby in a huge tub. Another shocking birth story to be updated soon.  He is soo cute and adorable, but nothing prepared me for his really intense scream. That none stop scream that makes any mother cringe. Yes, here I was thinking motherhood would still be as easy with three kids as it was with two... but man was I wrong. L, now 5 years old pretty much can do anything for himself, but A at only 20 months and still teething, was making it even harder to deal with my highly sensitive newborn. There were days when things were so bad, I felt like running away. I still to this day wonder how other mothers have more kids and cope with all it requires. At least over this December my Hubby has been home to help me with the kids so the antidepressants and stress have gone out the back door for the moment.
Sadly I have only three short weeks left at home on Maternity leave, and thinking of going back to work is really scaring me at this point. Child care, especially with Mr screamer, J, is my biggest concern, but all I can do is deal right now, there are not very many options at this point since going back to my full time job is not optional.

L and A have grown so much this year. A is talking out dictionaries already and is really good at giving one the evil eye. I Love her resilience and the fact that she is not afraid to try anything, and I mean anything. She is as wild as I was as a little girl and has so much fun all of the time. I find it really funny to sit and watch other mothers gasp when she slides down the playground slide all by herself and runs right back up to do it again. Her personality has really started to blossom and I cant wait to see what more she learns.
L is still my big sensitive superman. One thing I am really learning about him is that although he makes friends incredibly easily, he is terrified of performing in front of big crowds. At the pre-school graduation he gave up the chance to be the prince because being a tree was more appealing. At first I thought it was because there was only one prince and eight tree's, but finally figured out it was because he had to kiss one of the girls in is class, he would rather die than do that. He has decided that growing up is not an option for him, in his words "mommy, I don't want to grow up because I don't want a girlfriend". I so look forward to showing him this piece when he gets his first girlfriend...lol

On another front, I am still very involved with my Photography and am really hoping to take it to new levels this year. I think I have improved quite significantly although there are a lot of things I still need to work on... but I love learning about it and am definitely going to take further steps to become the best that I can be.

I think that is pretty much all the real excitement I had to 2011, not much but true.


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