Thursday, January 5, 2012

Those were the days

Today was the release of the senior high school students results in South Africa, and it reminded me of how high school was for me.
I finished school a not so long 9 years ago and I still can't believe that it has been that long. I really loved high school and everything associated with it.

I attended two high schools, In grade 8 I went to the public school in our area which was a year I will never forget. Reuniting with my childhood best friend, becoming part of the 5 girls known as the Superior Ladies, getting heart palpitations when the most popular boy in school asked me to be his girlfriend and nearly dying when he kissed me. Yip my first year in high school was quite eventful even after I found out that the most popular boy actually had a steady relationship with someone else and was dating me just to make me feel good :(

My parents moved me to a Private Christian School in grade 9 which I was not so keen on at first, but I made great friends and even better memories. I sang for the South African Christian Schools Choir for some time, was very involved in the praise and worship during school assemblies and loved English and my English teacher... no... she was a woman.
But not forgetting the not so good things I did too...drinking at choir camp to name juuust

Those were truly the years I tell you. Whenever I hear a Brian McKnight song, or a Maxwell song, I am reminded of the days I used to sing during first period or the first real broken heart I had. Those were the times I think shaped me to become the person I am today. My broken heart pushed me into my husbands arms, Brian McKnight taught me how to love in his words and those same friends I made in grade 6, are the same friends
I have today. 

I must admit that life was pretty simple back then, I had no real worries never thought that 9 years down the line I would be a married mother of three kids. In fact my idea was to get straight into my studies, get my Masters Degree and then settle down. I did however get the two boys I always wanted. Not exactly in the order I desired but they are all here now.

I do wonder though what my life would have been like if I were like some of the students featured on the news who received the highest accolades in their classes today.  Would I have fallen pregnant at 19, would I have married at 21 and would I be the crazy mom I am today.... I wonder.
But no regrets, as any mom would say, their lives would not be the same without their kids, and it ain't any different for me.

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