Monday, May 11, 2015

A Mother's Reflection on Mother's Day

I took the week to sit and reflect on my life and where I am right now. The one thin I think that I gave the most thought to is being a mother.
With it being Mother's Day yesterday, I had to really sit and ponder on what I was doing daily to make a positive impact in my children's lives.

Then scrolled through my Facebook Memory Notifications and came across a post I had written 5 years ago.
" I want to go home to my kids, sitting at my desk is overrated. Lord please take me to a place where I don't have to sacrifice time with my kids for a dumb salary."
Five years ago I was frustrated that my kids were being raised by somebody else as I spent the better part of my days at the office and was exhausted when I got home.

However, five years ago I had very little debt and we were renting a property which was fairly cheap which would have made becoming a stay at home mother a lot easier.

Now, five years later, my debt has tripled because we needed a bigger house to house our bigger family. We needed a bigger car and a live in helper etc etc etc...
Five years later, I am sitting at my desk, in a different more demanding office, still wishing that I was home with my kids.

Its sad, but the reality is that we have to sacrifice ourselves in order to provide more and more for our kids, but don't you wonder if it is worth the sacrifice?

We had a wonderful Mother's Day with family and my kids gifted me with sweet cards which warmed my heart. They are growing so fast and to see how much they have learned in the past few months is amazing.

But I am missing the really important stuff, I am missing doing their homework and making supper. I miss bathing them and playing with them. I am missing being with them. And before I know it, they will be all grown up and those opportunities would have been missed.

I know that all this sounds so somber and sad, but as working mothers and mothers in general, the way we really feel is not discussed. We do what we have to for our families and don't express our hopes and wishes enough.

So no matter what your situation is, I want to wish every Mother a Happy Mothers Day and my your desires for yourself be realized.

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