Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bitter Sweet Love

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I have been on an on again - off again weight loss journey. Well actually, most of the journey has to do with the starts and stops, more than the actually sticking to a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Here is where I feel I can justly blame being ADD... No really... he he
I so want to start a diet,  gym class, this blog or anything for that matter, and finish it with great results.  I would love to stick to the momentary choices I make to change my lifestyle the way the people in the endless 'live healthy' articles I have read do. In my head, I can and will do it. I will be a success because I will be determined enough to eat healthy for how ever long is required to beat the flab jiggling around my waist. It will happen! Someday, One day, I will finish a diet!

And one day, Someone will make food that tastes horrible, and cake will smell like dead fish which will put me off it for life and force me to stick to that diet that requires me to really put in a effort to pre-make and pre-plan my meals. Someday, I will become allergic to ice Cream and potato chips and my body will reject any CARBS I bring close to my lips. It will Happen!

A Girl Can Dream right...

So in my search for something to help drop the weight, I found Banting. If you have not heard about it, you live under a rock.
I bought the books, had Hubby prepare the meals and I lost 6kg in a month and a half by going to gym 6 days a week as well. It was going great!
Then on the Banting Group I am a member of kept discussing this Full Cream/Butter Coffee that sounded yummy but I was waaaay to afraid to try. It sounded very much like a creamy Cuppa-chino to me, so I started drinking that with a little honey in the morning before work as it was sort of allowed and I needed some indulgence.

Behind the Cuppa-chino counter, I made a Friend, T, who knew what I came for every morning, and then at lunch, and sometimes during my tea breaks.
Yes, I fell in love.... No, not with T, with this little white cup of brown bitter liquid with a little foam on the top, that lathered my tongue with the perfect combination of bitter and sweet, leaving my lip with a little mustache after every sip. It became all I thought about drinking, finding an excuse to go out and get one over the weekend!

So instead of busting any more kg's, I am indulging in a Cuppa which makes my flab okay with the world because that is something I can start and finish!

Next week, its back to Banting with a friendly Cuppa to Cheer my new start on :)

All that, for a cup of Coffee...XOXO

Mama’s Losin’ It

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