Wednesday, October 21, 2015

He Knows!

I am a full time working mother, with a few projects on the side. I love being a parent but the upside to having projects to do is that it helps me separate being a parent from the other things I love.

However, there is a down side, a small down side to some, but to me, this is no longer JUST a down side, it’s slowly turning into a slippery slope that I am sliding down faster than I realized.

Let me Explain,

Liam is no 9 years of age, and he knows oh so well that he has a busy mommy who loves him and loves to spend time with him. He also knows that I have to work, and that I have a few other projects on the go at the same time. He knowing this would seem like it makes my life a little easier because I don’t have to explain much to him, but in fact, at the rate things are going, I might not have to explain anything to him at all in the coming years.

I have been proudly bragging that Aspen is the only one of my kids who is curious about topics like puberty and sex. Liam is my innocent boy who does not ask many questions and who does not seem to be very interested in anything in the ‘adult’ category.
And then, He took a peek in mommies private stash of naughty’s, you know the one most parents swear they don’t own, when actually they probably have a stash bigger than the pharmacy. Well he took a look, a long enough look to get caught by my hubby. And without saying a word, he walked out of the room, without a flinch.

So last night, I decided it was time to ask him what he saw. And his response flawed me!

“Mommy that is for sex” He says, so casually.
And then, to my astonishment, he places his hands in a position to demonstrate what he was saying!

I just about DIED!

Well, I just about wanted to die, but instead broke into hysterical laughter.

I mean, what else was I going to do, but sit there and giggle like a small child, so embarrassed that my son knows about sex, BUT so embarrassed that HE KNOWS.
He knows so much that I did not teach him.

He knows which parts are involved and how they fit.


After my initial shock, we continued talking and he seemed to lose interest in the topic because mommy was making something that was naughty to talk about soooo boring.

I messaged my hubby at work to tell him what had happened and he was just as shocked. But when I thought about it, I was actually very disappointed. Why was I not the one who was available to talk to him about sex, or anything else for that matter?

 I pride myself on being an ‘in tune’ parent, but I missed the opportunity to give him a good first impression on something that will be part of his adult life. (The thought makes me want to puke)
So, Since Liam is the quiet one, who does not really ask too many questions, and I have to find things out in these shocking ways, I have decided something…

I will be talking to them about anything riskay whenever I can, at home, around friends, around family, everywhere, anywhere and hopefully, they will know so much, be so grossed out and embarrassed enough to NEVER EVER EVER DO IT!

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