Monday, November 23, 2015

Listing Anxiety

Being ADD Comes with a lot of shortcomings but at the same time, it can be quiet exciting and fun. We are always the life of the party and can pretty much talk to anybody about anything and make a friend out of the conversation. Unfortunately, one of the shortcomings for me tends to pretty much take over every now and then.

Anxiety is a real issue for me, and although prayer and my new found calming techniques really help, there is one thing that I find very effective in keeping it under control.

Writing lists.

I may not achieve even half of what I plan due to either distraction or, well, distraction, but writing a list and knowing that it exists somewhere in my infinite amount of clutter, makes me feel a little more in control of what going on around me. It helps me become aware of the things that I needs to do instead of just completely forgetting which can be very stressful.

My hubby is very good at picking up where I fall short and he knows very well that the minute I start talking about my list, that it is time to zone in since the minute it leaves my mouth, it gets swallowed into the universe. I am also very blessed to have a very good colleague turned closest friend at work who helps me keep track of the super long list that I always have. She knows me so well that she can predict some of what I am about to say before I say it this day. Everyone should have a friend like my Kirby.

Now not to crutch them with my problems all the time, I have a 19 item list on my phone which has only grown in the last month and then a blog list that I emailed to myself from my work email to one of the three emails on my phone. It could be either one, but all that matters is that it exists somewhere there.

Now I know that keeping lists is not only and ADD trait and that many people who either deal with ancxiet or just love to have things somewhat under control keep them. Its effective, when being used correctly or at all in my case.

I do however want to change the way I do my lists. Many of them are hidden I know very well that if it is not in my eye line, I am most likely not going to do it. At the moment my list ranges from the things I need to do for the kids, their schools, cooking meals, our business admin and blogging. The only list I have successfully gotten to in the last while has to do the children.

So out of all the things I promise to do all the time, I a taking some time out to find ways that allow more time to achieve all of those things that might only be done when I turn 50 at the rate I am going.

Do you have any list Ideas that work for you?

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