Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book Review - Giveaway - A Teacher Changed my Life

Now for those of you who know me well, I am not much of a book reader at all. Blogs and anything Google related, are a different story. I could sit and read posts on Facebook forever without distractions. I have to get through a moorage of books to get my Doula accreditation, and trust me, its no easy feat. So you know, if I have gotten my hands on a book that I have struggled to put down, it has to be something worth reading.

I met Darren August when I was still a kid in church. We came up in the same area and even ended up in the same Christian Private school 40km away from our community. Although he is a few years my senior, I kind of felt connected to the stories he portrays in his book.

A Teacher Changed my life, not the first thing I would pick up in a book store as I never did very well at school and with attending a total of five schools in my schooling career, I only really connected with one of the teachers who taught me. But even out of that one memorable encounter with a teacher that I had, the book caught my attention. I have been friends with Darren on Facebook for some time and watched as his book drew the attention of people, and now how his talks at so many schools in our country has allowed him to bring forth a message we never hear.
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I sat and read his book for two days straight, I loved it. Its so relatable, not because we shared the same community and school, but because he tells his and others stories in a way that gives you a sense of how important a teachers role is in everybody's life. There is no profession in the world that impacts our generation more than the teaching profession and as he explains it, teaching was called a noble profession for a reason.

So because I enjoyed reading the book so much, and will surely take many of the lessons with me into many of the things that I do, including raising my own kids, I am offering you a chance to get in on what this amazing man of God has brought to light in this sometimes dark world.
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I guarantee that it will change your life.


Marilyn Nethononda said...

Its all about touching and changing lives and that is exactly what Darren is doing. God Bless you Mr August.

Marilyn Nethononda said...

Its all about touch and changing lives and that is exactly what Darren is doing.

Esda Dippenaar said...

So6nds lije a lovely read