Monday, February 15, 2016

I have been giving it quite a bit of thought over the past week and came the realisation that I might be turning 30 in April, but I will be 30 years old the entire year, so why not celebrate it all year long. The 30 Adventures I have set out to this year also cannot realistically be completed within two months considering that I have a full time job and the financial implications. So I have decided to turn this entire year into my 30th Celebration which means I can plan accordingly and also make the entire year count in my life's journey.

I have also finally figured out the rest of Adventures I want to pursue this year are and I literelly cannot contain my excitement I tell you.

So let me recap the first 18 Adventures I set out on. You can go HERE to read them all in Detail:

1. Either Skydive or Bungee.

2. Driving a Super Car

3. Water Skiing

4. Snowboarding

5. Shark Cage Diving

6. Host or Co-Host a Show

7. Adopt and orphanage

8. Canopy Ride

9. Throw a Dart and a map and just go there.

10. Canoeing with Crocodiles

11. Snakes

12. Announcement at the Airport

13. Swim Under a Waterfall

14. Learn to play the Base Guitar

15. Ride an Elephant

16. Abseiling

17. Getting a Tattoo

18. The White Grade R Dress

The Rest of My 30 Over Thirty Go a little something like this:

19. Reaching my Goal Weight

There is no specific number here. My BMI says I should be at a certain place, but my goal is actually to become healthier and more fit which will enable me to do more things. I got to a point where I was unable to tie my own shoes which really was concerning at my age. Not to mention having to keep up with four children and everything they require, life was becoming too exhausting. I have already been and stuck to my health journey over the past month or so, and so far so good. My weight has dropped, my muscles have grown and I fit a little better into my size 42 jeans. Its not so hard this time and I am actually so relaxed into my routine that I don't really deviate from it much at all these days. I hope to fit in to at least a sized 36 jeans by the end of 2016, a size, I must add, I have not fit in since I was 16 years old. Lets hope it rubs off on my family this year too.

20. Running the Soweto Marathon

My health journey will hopefully make the Soweto Marathon 10km run bearable. Honestly, I hate running with all I have but I realise that I have to have some kind of goal to reach toward the end of the year and this will have to be it. If I can finish this race then I can truly say that I have come a long way and that nothing can stop me.

21. Dancing in a Flash Mob

I have seen this all over YouTube and am so scyched to do one. I absolutely LOVE to dance and before becoming pregnant with Liam, Used to dance with a Hip Hop crew in my area. I also used to teach dancing to our Sunday School and must say that I miss it tremendously. I do however hope that I still have some rhythm in my bones and am definitely going to prove it to myself in a Flash Mob.

22. Attend My First Birth

I have blogged about training to become Doula, and it seems because of the industry I find myself in, attending births is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I have also been so afraid of my first experience. Would I help the mother as I should or would I be in the way? A lot of things have kept me from actually getting myself out there. This year however, I have to move forward and complete my training to become accredited as I know there will be nothing more fulfilling than helping a mother have a meaningful and emotionally satisfying birth experience.

23. Camping with my Family

We are vacationers, and we vacation well. We work all year to plan for great vacations and make every memory worth it. We have however never gone camping for many reasons. My kids are very westernised and prefer the finer things in life. Its not ideal if we want to instill in them a sense of humility and humanity. The other reason is because I am actually not what you would call an 'outdoorsy' person. I don't deal well with wild animals and unpredictability. I do however realise that my kids need to know what its like to stay in the outdoors and experience vacationing from an entirely different perspective. We have a trial overnight camping situation coming up in two week and if that goes well, a few days at the end of March. I am putting all my eggs in this basket here to pull off the best experience my kids have ever had. That way, when we take our three week camping vacation later this year, they will definitely have something to look forward to.

24. Shooting a Photo Series

I have been shooting now since 2010, and been really too preoccupied to pay any real attention to why I started in the first place. However, I have had an Idea come to me a few months ago about a Photo series that I would like to do. Not for money, not for recognition but rather to fuel my passions. Its a topic that really is dear to my heart and sometimes I get emotional just thinking about it. I can't wait to start at the end of this month and everyday the concept gets a little more momentum in my head.

25. Read 15 books

Yes, for an entire year, this number is low. But let me remind you that ADD makes reading very difficult for me as distraction is a given. I have so many books, bought and gifted to me by friends that I am forcing myself to get through by the end of this year. Television is the devil sometimes and in the way, also with my kids having so much reading to do for school, I have to set the example for them, if not for myself.

26. Get a complete Makeover

Those who know me well know that I have the worst relationship with a clothing iron and my feet. I could care less how wrinkled my clothes are or even how much attention my feet need. Its embarrassing to admit but its something I need to give a little more attention to. The plan is to reduce my insane wardrobe to the things I actually wear and plan what I wear. Sounds simple, but this is like the most mammoth task for me since it is not the most fascinating thing in the world, to me at least. With my health journey, my ugly dry feet need to also be part of that plan, which means daily maintenance, or at least a lick of moisturiser everyday.

27. Learn to Surf

I love those surfer movies. The ladies look so sexy on their boards and their skills are amazing. I most definitely will not look sexy and my skill level is -100 at this point. Having babies can really throw your centre of gravity to the dogs. But this would just be a fun activity I get to enjoy with my family and even if just for one day and one wave, I can forever say that 'I surfed once'.

28. Try vegetarianism for 21 Days

How this is going to happen is beyond me at this point. I love meat, so much that I cannot have a meal without some kind of animal in there. Hubby knows all too well that food without meat is soup to me and bases our meals around the meat of the day. This challenge will test my resolve to the nth degree, so I am going to do the wise thing here and do this in the three weeks that I am not going to see family or attending any event. Lets see how this one goes.

29 and 30.

The last two adventures are still in planning, but they involve doing something special for a stranger and surprising someone in my life. I love surprises, but I adore giving them out even more! These two things I know for sure will top my year off more than anything else I manage to do and I hope that i could forever affect someones life.

30 Adventures are a lot for less than one year and I know that I might be pushing boundaries with many of them but I plan to make the 30 years God has granted me this life worth it and I hope to have you all along to enjoy every single adventure with me.


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