Tuesday, February 2, 2016

She does not look a day over 17 and yet continues to surprise me with her strength and wisdom. Every time we talk, I walk away with something to think about and I cannot be more blessed to have My Sister.

On Saturday evening I came across an Article called 11 reasons why your little sister is your biggest blessing. I read through it and can honestly say that every single point made is exactly how I see our my sister.

From the time Candy was able to move around I took on the roll of her protector. No matter what happened between us, I always felt compelled to be there when she needed me. I don't know if she would see things the same way, but if there was ever anyone I would always make myself available for, it would be her.

Through the years we have grown apart, and then again gotten close all over again. Both of us now married with children, has drastically changed our relationship but it has made me respect her in so many more ways than I ever thought I would. She has been faced with some very difficult times in her life, but she just keeps climbing out of the ashes, dusts herself off and moves forward. Her strength is very rare these days and I must say that I am proud to be related to someone who carries the drive that she has.

The past few years have been less than rosy for my Candy, but I don't think I have ever seen her get depressed about her situation and wallow in the events that try to take her down. Just this past Friday she took a knock that she handled with grace, as where I would have completely lost my cool and paid the cost for it. She surely does not realise how who she and and why she is is more of an example to me than I will ever be to her.

In a few weeks my Candy will be introducing her creativity to the world and I cannot be prouder. Stuck in life as it would seem to the outside world, her true self, her creativity has awakened an opportunity that I think will gain momentum fast. I know for sure that this year will be life changing for her all because she has tapped into the side of her which is essentially who she is. My sister is an amazing artist. I don't say that because I am biased, which I am
naturally, but she truly is and always has been an inspiring creative. I cannot wait to see where this project leads her, and trust me, I will be the first to announce her Coming out party when it happens.

Candy, its your time, make this life what it was always meant to be, your gallery of indescribable beauty.

PS: Sorry about the pretty pic ;)

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