Friday, July 2, 2010

Weigh in Monday

I log on to different parenting sites everyday to find out more about ways and methods to raise my kids better and also to interact with the ladies that have kids in the same age groups as I do. Everything was going so well until they decided to start talking about weight. I though I was perfectly fine in my ever growing body and my body was fine with me feeding it chocolate muffins everyday. But when it came up so many times it the past two days, both of us started to wonder if it was time to stop telling people that we were carrying baby weight. I mean its already been 5 months, and this time a C section can't be blamed for not exercising.
So I have come to the decision to finally do something about my weight.

I have always been an overweight person, and my weight has really varied over the years, but I have never really put any effort in trying to lose the weight. I wonder what my hubby would do with a thin wife? He met me fat, married me fat and kept feeding me 'fatter'. But I think things have gotten to the point that he is becoming concerned over my weight.

The other day in the elevator, I spoke to a girl that I have befriended at work. She is overweight, bigger than I am in fact, and the first thing she says is "are you going to gym?". Thinking this is an odd question to ask I say "Why?". She promptly finishes by saying " well you have gotten so fat".
If I wanted to be rude (thought about it) I would have gasped and insulted her right back, instead I took the high road and decided to brush it off by saying " if my hubby still finds me sexy than I have no worries".
Man was I fooled. I decided to tell hubby about the encounter and he replied with something he has never said to me in the 5 years we have been. together,
"Well you are getting fat, I mean you don't stop eating". WTH!!!
I would have understood if I was not shocked and too busy putting on my hurt face. I mean you bring all these yummies home all the time, and now when they have all gone to my A$$, you have something to say.

I have to admit, in my dramatic moment, I knew he was telling the truth. I am the one who kept telling people I was losing weight when I knew that my 'before baby' jeans were getting tighter every time I wore them.

I do have a food monitor though, she scolds me every time I go for seconds or eat a little something sweet. My mom really has an issue with my weight, so I try my best to divert her comments. I mean is it not enough for the mirror to remind me all the time , do I really need you to remind me that I am fat too?!

There are so many reasons I could say that would justify me wanting to do this now, but the truth is, there is only really one,well two. I want to feel energetic enough to run with my kids and not have to worry about my sugar dropping when there is nothing around to eat. I know I am causing myself and array of medical problems, but it is sort of like when I used to smoke. I loved smoking because it tasted good, was something for 'just' me but I knew it was killing me. I quit with both my pregnancies and have not started back up at all. If my kids were a big enough motivator for smoking, then they could be a big enough motivator to lose weight too I guess.

I will post a 'Weigh in Monday' Every Monday with my weight, what I have planned for the week regarding food and exercise and how I am feeling about my weight that week. This is the process to me finally healing my weight issues physically and emotionally.

Oh and to those who said I could not do it over years ( you know who you are) I HAVE A POINT TO PROVE AND A SCORE TO

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