Friday, July 9, 2010

What would I change about my life if I could....

I love most of my life the way it is right now and have not dared to think how things would be if it were different since that would mean I would not have my kids, but if I were still to have the same ones this is what I would have changed:

I would have loved to be the sweet and good child who always listened to my parents and made them proud with the things that I did.
I would have studied harder in school, not to just pass, but to take the best of ... prize and to maybe get accepted into a university.
I should have applied for university when I finished school instead of spending the entire year dating a dead beat cannabis smoking thug and practically licking his feet.
I think the one thing I should have waited to do was having sex, I don't regret who I did it with the first time, but I do regret doing it so early in life.
I should have just dated my now husband without "trying" to fall pregnant and not knowing what the hell I was getting myself into.
Since I was pregnant at 19, I should have done more research on birth and child care, I was in a trance and just wanted it all over with, causing me to have and unnecessary C Section and I did not really bond with my son until about a year later.
I really wish I would have bought a house in a good suburb instead of the run down flat that we had to rent out when the recession hit.
We should have asked advice when we bought a car from the dealership because we just found out, three years later, that the car was in an wreckage and it in itself was and accident waiting to happen.

There are a few things I would like to change right now.
I wish I would be a good christian wife to my husband and inspire him to love the Lord like he used to.
I should be teaching my children about the Bible and God, but have put it off, for no reason in fact.
I should be applying for new jobs while I sit at my desk right now and write this lol.

I would love to change the fact that my hubby has no idea what romance is in any shape or form and would love to imprint the directions on 'how to spoil your wife' on his skull. I
 would love to change the fact that I weigh 97kg's (213lb's) overnight and be able to wear a sexy short skirt and feel fabulous in it, I hate dressing room mirrors buy the way!!! 
I would definitely move next to the ocean if I could, I loooove the ocean and man do I miss it some days!
There is however one thing I would love to change about me above all the other things, I would like to be the soft spoken girl, with the addictive personality that people cant resist. I know a few people like this and I could not help but become their friends just because of the type of people that they are. It is strange though, I am loud and crazy but the very person who gave birth to me is exactly who I would like to be.
One more thing came to mind, I would love to keep my big boobs, breastfeeding has been good for my self esteem...LOL

This Post was inspired my Mama Kat's writers Workshop - Prompt no 1.
What would I change about my life if I could....


Mama Kat said...

Having kids really does a number on us doesn't it? It's so hard to get everything back in working order.

For what it's worth, I love the loud and crazy types.

Anonymous said...

Why would you want to give up being loud and crazy!? It's you and it's wonderful! If it makes you feel better, I wish I was more loud and crazy, I hate being so quiet :-P

P.S. Your pic of you and your husband is beautiful! YOU are beautiful! :-)