Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy anniversary... or ...?

Today is exactly 19 days from my 3rd anniversary and I have been thrown for a loop because I cannot get what I was planning to get for hubby. So I am stuck and not sure what to do for him. I promised him an Apple Notebook by Sept and he is finally getting it today, but that is so technical. Not that Hubby likes romance or surprises, but if I cant plan something special it just takes out the fun of it all for me.

I usually have things planned out at least a month before, and I usually go extreme. But this time with finances at a low, and no car, I cannot plan a getaway or even just get a high tech device. So where does that leave me now?

On top of all that is holding me back hubbie is a really hard person to buy for. He does not want a new phone, and he does not go to the theatre. He brushes off romance and needs for nothing really. So thing leaves me with the ?, do I just buy something sexy to wear and dance for him or make him a splendid sushi dinner. I am definitely not as talented as Samantha in Sex and the City, and with two kiddo's, there is no way in hell that I am laying on a table with sushi covering my body, although that could be the one thing that he probably fantasizes

So here I sit, wondering if giving him something with me and the kids pics AGAIN would be enough or too much. I get my best ideas while under pressure, so who knows what I come up with?!

Dream On?!

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Cheryl said...

Your images aren't working, btw!

My husband is also tough to shop for. Everything he wants he buys himself, especially since he loves searching for a bargain! Can the two of you get out for a nice dinner (w/out kids)?